small kitchen remodeling ideas
Top 13 Helpful Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Enhance Your Kitchen Look

According to a recent Houzz poll from 1,337 homeowners, small kitchen remodeling ideas and remodeling projects are great business opportunities for professional interior designers and kitchen remodeler contractors.

Without question, the kitchen is the most crucial area in your house. It is the location where your body is nourished and prepared for the challenges of the day. As a result, it’s only suitable to treat this space with respect.

As owners, you may have observed that when you look at a house, the kitchen is the first thing that attracts you. The layout practicality influences your choice, and even the color of the walls and wood cabinets. This place evokes feelings of joy and affection, and if it is well-designed, it will help you feel comfortable.

It is because this place makes you think of family dinners. It’s where your mother prepared food for you while you did your homework or worked late, or where you smiled and visited with your pals about your future experiences.

No matter what memories it evokes, the kitchen converts a tract of land into a house.

That is why Devina Home Design as a professional kitchen remodeler contractor, has created a list of ideas that you can use while planning or renovating your kitchen. A kitchen remodeling is a terrific investment, whether you intend to change the floor plan for the entire kitchen or merely install some stainless steel equipment to increase its efficiency.

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The Top 13 Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Your House

1. Utilize Eye-Catching Cabinet Styles

Cabinets in your kitchen can make a significant impact contrary to popular belief. They can enhance the look of the kitchen, whether lower or upper cabinets.

To make your small kitchen look bigger, utilize plain wood cabinets or white cabinetry. But why limit there when you can personalize your kitchen cabinets to suit your tastes?

If you’re unsure how to proceed, we offer a few suggestions.

You can select from various striking cabinetry styles with Mediterranean motifs for a modern kitchen. Pick elegant style concepts with laminate or glass doors for a modern kitchen.

You can also use patterned or decorative glass panels with intricate patterns to help you experience more relaxed and serene if you like art.

With only a few subtle details, you may have a significant impact on the appearance of your new kitchen.

2. Choosing Cabinet Doors

It might be challenging to revitalize and renovate a kitchen since you must select what has to be changed and where you should invest your budget. New cabinet doors are one of the most cost-effective expenditures. It is simple: you open and close your cabinet doors constantly every day, and they wear out over time. The hinges of the doors, for example, are prone to becoming loose, even though they don’t appear to be ancient.

 The chief factor in selecting new cabinet doors is that you can always get prepared entries in various colors, materials, and textures if you prefer to keep your expenditures down. Plywood/MDF is a good option for simplicity and minimal upkeep. Proper wood, such as dark cherry wood cabinets, would be a great choice if you can manage to spend a bit more. If you’re feeling very adventurous and varied (congratulations! ), you might want to explore doing away with cabinet doors entirely in favor of an open shelves style. However, this option will necessitate the purchase of new cabinets that are more adapted to open-frame layouts.

3. Installing a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island as a kitchen remodeling idea may create a significant impact on your kitchen.

Yes, the slabs and countertops are helpful, but a kitchen island can let you broaden even more room while maintaining the impression of enclosed efficiency.

We imply that you can alter the layout of your kitchen by opening up the walls. Perhaps your kitchen has a view of the living room or dining room, allowing you to prepare food for your guests and family while remaining engaged in their discussion.

You can make more room for dining or set the cooked foods with a kitchen island. You may even turn it into a workspace by adding open shelves on the sides to house your cutting board, butcher block, cheese grater, and other small prep items before you begin preparing the dinner.


4. Make Use of Unusual Shelving and Storage Options

The days of exposed shelving and drab storage areas are long gone. You may brighten up and improve the operation of your kitchen with new interior design concepts and inventive small kitchen remodeling ideas.

An island can be built in your kitchen that has storage and hangs storage so that you can reach items more quickly. It is instrumental in a small kitchen, where cabinetry is restricted, and there may not be enough room for a kitchen island at all.

Thus, floating open shelves or a creative kitchen makeover might give much-needed space without jeopardizing your vision of a quiet modern kitchen or overburdening your counters.

Don’t overlook the pantry. Keeping all of your food in the kitchen cupboards may appear more convenient, but this is a risky alternative because it cannot accept large purchases, which are generally less expensive. As a result, set aside a little area to create a pantry closet where you can keep food for extended periods.

small kitchen remodeling ideas

5. Insert a Tile Backsplash

The backsplash is an unavoidable element of small kitchen remodeling ideas. You can’t stop the spillages and spitting, but you can keep them from ruining your lovely white kitchen, the subway tile on the rear wall, or the wood paneling.

A tile backsplash is ideally situated to prevent moisture and filth from wreaking havoc on your brand-new kitchen.

These constructions can be built ahead of time or employed as a last-minute solution while cooking. Detachable tile backsplashes can be made possible by creative small kitchen remodeling ideas and interior ideas.

As an extra effect to maintain your kitchen gleaming and spotless, you can apply wax or laminate to preserve the walls and backsplash.

6. Install Stainless Steel Appliances that Are Cutting-Edge

Stainless steel is used in most equipment because of its longevity, cleanliness, and structural rigidity.

In the past, wood-burning stoves, steel grates, iron, and other materials were undoubtedly practical but unreliable.

Appliances made of stainless steel are both durable and attractive. However, they are also simpler to maintain and resistant to drastic temperature changes. It might not always be possible to clean those ovens and spilled food, especially if they have dried out due to the heat.

On the other hand, stainless steel appliances only require a fast wash to eliminate debris and fingerprints, making your kitchen pristine. Aside from the high-end efficiency, they also provide a modern touch to your kitchen decor.

7. Add a Dash of Gleaming Hardware

Metallic elements give your kitchen a unique look. Metallic hardware works in any kitchen, whether a modern kitchen or even one with a farmhouse motif.

With its marble or granite surface, the rustic sink certainly appears excellent. A stainless steel metallic sink, on the other hand, blends in seamlessly with your appliances. You can also put a stainless steel faucet in your new small kitchen to improve its visual appeal.

Stainless steel helps protect the kitchen sink because it takes the brunt of the abuse. The material won’t rust easily, and stains will easily peel off, keeping your kitchen clean for a long time.

Metallic hardware is an excellent choice for homeowners remodeling their kitchens to sell their houses. It aids prospective customers in visualizing their kitchen while also ensuring that their responsibilities would be reduced in the room.

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8. Use Durable Materials for Countertops

Most people neglect the quality of the products employed in cabinets, worktops, tiles, and other similar items because they would rather cut costs on these boring items to fund their interior decorating ideas to build the kitchen.It, however, is a flawed premise.

The kitchen countertops are subjected to the most wear and tear when you’re preparing. As a result, they must be of high quality to prevent fracturing, cracking, or shattering when put under stress.

While marble and granite worktops are inexpensive, they have drawbacks like peeling, fracturing, and even growing germs. These materials are strong, but they constitute a breeding ground for pests due to their permeability and visibility.


small kitchen remodeling ideas

9. Catch the Eye with Your Decor

The kitchen is a highly vital area of your home. It is deserving of a decor that is commensurate with its courage.

Although it may appear unnecessary to include art and showy artistic objects in this place, you can still create interest with fittings and illumination.

With a mixer and some bottles of varied materials, you can catch the eye with some tall bar tools surrounding the kitchen island and turn the room into a mini-bar.

You can also utilize hanging lights for date night illumination or neon lights for a party atmosphere.

Unless they’re in use, these decor pieces are modest and practically unnoticed. They’re pretty quiet, so they don’t get in trouble when you’re rushing around the kitchen. They do, however, give an attractive appearance to your kitchen, ensuring that it matches the whole of your home’s design.

10. Welcome to Contrast

If you’re seeking small kitchen remodeling ideas, you can’t go wrong with the season’s most elegant tendency: monolithic counters with contrasting cabinets. If you want a modern kitchen, go with granite and choose a honed surface rather than a typical glossy surface.

The matte sheen of this long-lasting stone gives the kitchen a super-modern feel without reflecting too much light. It also renders it less prone to smearing in other ways.

Aside from the classic black, brown, and beige colors, the surface also enables you to choose from unusual red and blue hues if you want to spice up your kitchen. To give an unparalleled bit of elegance, contrast the joints and colors of the slab with the simplicity of white wood cabinetry. You can’t go wrong with a splash of color against a white backdrop. The combination is sure to impress because wood is equally lovely when matched with granite and is less vulnerable to water damage than MDF. There are as many kitchen countertop designs as there are varieties of worktops, whether natural stones like granite and marble (wondering what the difference is between granite and marble?) or quartz or other artificial stones.

11.Put Everything in Its Proper Place

Small kitchen remodeling ideas are an excellent opportunity to rethink your kitchen’s usefulness. Every item in your kitchen should serve a specific function. It has no purpose to be there if it doesn’t.

Select your upper cabinets carefully to meet immediate needs such as plates, bowls, and anything else.

Pull-out or open shelves can be used in the lower cabinets to keep non-breakable items. Keep in mind that dangerous materials should not be stored where kids can quickly get them.

Put your stove in a convenient position, preferably near the dishwasher and far enough away from the sink. This way, you’ll be able to store the remainder of your appliances in the open areas where they’ll be easy to reach.

Your kitchen will stay clean and artistically beautiful when everything has a purpose, and everything remains in its position. It also allows you to have a seamless operation without banging against anything while rushing to finish a meal.


12. Put Your Stamp on Things

DIY, or do-it-yourself, as it’s more commonly known, is all the vogue just now.

An interior designer can assist you with reorganizing your kitchen’s floor layout and renovating it for maximum efficiency. However, you can include some unique features to make the area feel more welcoming and suited to you.

You can have them fix furnishings or woodwork that you’ve made or planned yourself, such as a china cabinet or wooden chairs. Alternatively, why not put family photos with images of your family members in the kitchen?These unique details give your kitchen personality, making it feel more welcoming and appealing. Unless, of course, you intend to sell the property, in which case adding personalized details is unnecessary.

Still, with small furniture items like wooden chairs and a kitchen hood that attracts your possible buyer, you can adapt a little to bring flair and beauty to the home.

13.Emphasize New Flooring

Although installing a new kitchen floor takes energy/cost, few things can breathe fresh life into a kitchen remodel like a new floor.

Hardwood floor is of the best quality and substance when it refers to flooring designs. Hardwoods, however, have several distinct characteristics. Solid wood planks in large planks were the most common type of hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood is a wholly natural substance machined from a single piece of wood. It is better at adapting to fluctuations in climate and moisture.

Engineered flooring is made out of planks with a light coating of hardwood on top that is joined with other surfaces. Engineered flooring is made to keep the floor in place through extension and compression cycles.

For good reason, oak and walnut are two of the most popular hardwoods. Oak is a sturdy wood that darkens nicely and has a pleasing natural grain. It is also cost-effective. Hickory, maple, ash, and cherry are also good options, so take your time and make your decision. It’s best to choose ash if you’re looking for a light-colored hardwood floor, while hickory is a good choice if you plan for high-traffic places like the kitchen.


Small kitchen remodeling ideas are a chance to generate lasting experiences and a unique environment for your home. It’s the one place in the house where your family members may gather to joke and tell stories over a meal you’ve prepared with attention and affection.

You can set up a tiny table in the corner to make breakfast for your children to gather and begin the day together. Use an open design as a link to keep up with your children, whether they are doing their homework or playing in the living room.

A kitchen is a place for gatherings and festivities, and it can be designed to do much more than preparing food. 

You will enjoy your new kitchen even more than your old, drab one after reading this post and coming up with fantastic small kitchen remodeling ideas for your kitchen renovation.

Devina Home Design can help you renovate your kitchen and make it a modern style.


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