Why Devina?

How much do I have to pay if I want you to measure up my house?

You’d be surprised to realize that our measuring is completely free of charge.

How can I ever trust you?

Have a look at our gallery, and you will be mesmerized by our perfection.

Do you have any references I can call just in case?

Absolutely yes, we are proud that a vast majority of our business is from repeat and referred clients. We will be more than glad to provide you with names and references in your area. Furthermore, you can click here to check out our testimonials.

Do I get technical consultation before signing the contract?

Yes, of course. Better yet, you will get it for free.

What if I just need a second opinion? Do you give your customers advice only?

It would be an honor to give you unbiased personal design advice, a second opinion, or even help with a DIY project. You can sign up for your free phone consultation with one of our professional designers with all budgets. Better yet, In-store prior consultation is always FREE. Request phone consultation via our contact form.

Do you offer any special financing services for contractors or builders?

Yes sure. We offer our special pricing to contractors and custom builders. We have designated some of our best staff to the trade; you can inquire about a trade account via our contact form.

How much do you charge for a simple 3D design ?

Not a single penny. We provide you with a cool design without charge.

Technical issues

What is the typical total home remodel time to get it all done?

Although there is no hard and fast rule about it, here you may have a rough approximation:

Planning: 1 month

Demolition: 2 weeks

HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing: 5 days

Framing & Drywall: 10 days

Painting: 1 week

Cabinets & Fixtures: 1 week

Doors & Windows: 5 days

Clean House & Air Vents: 1 day

Flooring: 1 week

Trim and Finish Work: 1 week

What is the most challenging step of the whole process?

Many issues arise during the demolition and framing/drywall process. During this stage, common problems, like leaking pipes, defective wiring, mildew, foundation damages, and termite issues, are typically detected.

Is it cheaper to remodel or build from scratch?

If you opt for cheaper, remodeling is the right choice for you. Even a wide-ranging whole-house revamp will still be way less expensive than tearing down and building anew.

What is the most expensive room to remodel?

AS mentioned by google, “Kitchens remained the most popular and most expensive room to renovate in 2018. The median spend on kitchen renovations jumped 27 percent in 2018, following a 10 percent increase in 2017,”

Which room should you renovate first?

If you need to select a room to remodel first, it is wise to choose the room to recoup the overall costs. That is why many experts agree that the smartest move is to choose your kitchen or bathroom first.


How long will a kitchen redesign take?

Designing a kitchen is an approximate  25 – 30 hour job from A to Z

Which comes first: flooring or cabinets?

Under normal circumstances, cabinetwork comes before flooring. In almost all cases, we will design and install the cabinets before the floor covering. Floor covering is the surface that you see and walk on.

What are the kitchen trends for 2023?

Plaster Walls, Barn Door Sliders, All-White Kitchens, Subway Tiles, Industrial Style Lighting, Traditional Dining tables, Traditional Cabinets are among the top choices. On the other hand, a kitchen with marble countertops is an exquisite option giving you a forever look-good factor attached to it.


What materials are needed for a bathroom renovation?

  •       Floor tile and other flooring material
  •       Grout or adhesive for a resilient floor.
  •       Wall tile.
  •       Caulk is generally needed at tile edges, on tubs, as well as sinks.
  •       If you prefer a less slippery surface, shower pan tile is the right option for you.
  •       Grout for shower pan tile.
  •       Mortar to apply tile.

How can I redesign my bathroom If I am on a tight budget?

Although you can choose our budget-friendly tier right from the previous pages, here are some easy options to spruce up your bathroom without having to worry much about the costs:


  1. Limit Your Tile to cut down on the price.
  2. Save on Counter Tops. The very cool idea is to spend a little bit of your budget on granite countertops.
  3. Paint.
  4. Update Fixtures.
  5. Freshen Caulk and Grout.
  6. Redo, Don’t Buy New.
  7. Buy Used.
  8. Go Green with Upgrades.


Which is the cheapest material if I want to remodel my windows?

Typically, wood is more expensive than vinyl or aluminum; however, it might require more maintenance.

Which window is better for airflow?

Double-hung windows offer more ventilation

Is a double-hung window better than a single-hung one?

Yes, of course. Apart from the fact that double-hung windows give you better airflow, they are other energy-efficient.

What exactly is an awning window?

Awning windows rest on a vertical hinge and open externally from the bottom. This simple mechanism will provide you with better ventilation as well as superior protection from the rain. They are usually placed higher on walls for privacy considerations or, at times, in combination with large stationary windows for a better view.


Which type of door is the ideal choice for my home?

In a nutshell, most entry doors perform well overall. However, these materials are where you find the difference: fiberglass, steel, and wood are some of the most common materials used indoors nowadays which each has strengths and weaknesses.

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