What’s a backsplash?


Do you not know what to do to fill the kitchen or bathroom wall gaps between the cabinets or a countertop—Tired of cleaning the grease or the bubbling sauce, steam, and other dirt generated by your stove? Having a backsplash will bring an end to your nightmare.

Our Backsplash Options

From the most popular Subway tiles, named after the tiles used in most subway stations, to the most affordable and lightweight Ceramic tile or beautifully designable Glass tiles, we have it all covered for you. Decorative metal roofing tiles are our next option if you are short on budget.

Why choose our Backsplashes?

Our Orange County experts will provide you with the latest designs and materials available on the market, such as marble, travertine, natural stone, ceramic or porcelain, and many more to give you a boost in your kitchen and bathroom remodeling. By the way, Devina will provide you with a competitive discount on metering and design if you sign the contract before 30/03/2023

So don’t waste your time, and let’s get to work. If you are interested, you can contact us to get more information.