ADU Service

ADU service

Save time and money with our VIP ADU service

We’re pleased to concentrate entirely on ADUs after many years of unique home improvement skills, and excellent feedback from customers as a home remodel contractor. Your ADU development project will benefit from all of our designing, construction, permitting, project management, and customer service skills. We are delighted to provide the tremendous affordable ADU in California, including Orange County, Irvine, Laguna Hills and the surrounding areas.

We ponder about granny flats the whole day and are eager to guide you with your project!

Budget & Sustainability

How do you go about constructing a guest house on your primary residence? How much will it set you back? We’re ready to delve immediately into your desired outcomes and start answering questions and crunching data.

Architectural Sketches

We’ve produced several basic ADU layouts to help you get the most out of your budget by maximizing space use and building effectiveness. Additionally, we can create a solution tailored to your needs.

Processing of Permits

For submission, we compile all designs and documents. We collaborate with the municipality to guarantee that projects go through the regulatory and building permits procedures as quickly as possible.

Choices in Design

Our carefully picked interior and exterior designs give your property a unified aesthetic. Pick from various methods or collaborate with one of our architects to create a unique appearance for your ADU.


We take care of the complete ADU building project, from the first groundbreaking to the ultimate journey, to ensure that your ADU home meets your requirements and is constructed to endure.

Management of Projects

Our methods and procedures ensure that your project runs effectively and that you feel transparency in its development. You may accept design selections from your laptop or phone and make payment.


We deal with lenders specializing in ADU loans and have pre-approved us as an ADU contractor. We are confident you have all of the necessary paperwork.

Rental Assistance

Are you thinking about renting out your ADU? You can rely on our team for assistance in creating a design that will enhance your rental prospects. We also work with corporate housing businesses, which provide reliable rental income.

Locate Real Estate

Are you looking to purchase a home and add an ADU? As a result, we aim to assist you in determining the feasibility and cost of constructing an ADU for your home so that you can make a correct buying choice and begin the strategic planning.


Are you ready to start thinking about you ADU unit?