Where to begin to build the fireplace and fireplace mantel?


So you are in for a new fireplace but do not know where to begin? No sweat. Our professionals at Orange County will have it covered for you. We can get you a modern gas fireplace. Our Indoor Linear Fireplaces are a catchy design for 2023, often surrounded by tiles, stones, or even marbles. We can get them done for you just like a classic single-sided piece if you wish, or, better yet, a see-through tunnel. You will get a whole lot of different beautifully designed mantels too.

Electric Fireplace

Not interested in gas fireplaces? No problem. If you don’t have a previously set up gas line, an electric fireplace is undoubtedly a more budget-friendly option. Besides, since gas fireplaces are fueled by gas, they create real flames. However, electric ones produce heat with no love.

Other Choices

We can offer you our electric, gas, outdoor, ventless, corner, propane fireplaces among our varied options. We can give you our shiplap, napoleon, ethanol, brick, or wood fireplace. Guess what? We know some of our precious Orange County clients would like to have a fireplace redo which is why we can get you a stove fan or re-tile your fireplace for you. We can give it a new paint job and get you a newly designed mantelpiece for you to have a fresh look together with a bookshelf.

Our professionals at Devina have a wide variety of new mind-blowing ideas in store for you. Contact us to get a glimpse of cool ideas.