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Top 15 Kitchen Remodel Trends You Must Know in 2022

Nowadays, kitchen remodel trends change the typical role of kitchens. Kitchens used to be tucked away at the rear of the home. It was a place where plates were cleaned and food was cooked. In the year 2022, the kitchen will play a very distinct function. The kitchen has traditionally been regarded as the home’s beating heart, whether it is the day’s first meal or the end of a good day. However, the kitchen is currently shown in all of its glory and comfort at the heart of the house.

It’s critical to make preparations ahead of time for a kitchen redesign. Kitchens have changed dramatically over time. Technological improvements and changing social interactions have fostered the development of the modern kitchen. Open-plan homes that center all-around the kitchen so that families can get together are becoming more popular. Sleek and minimalist designs have been popular among homeowners, as has any latest style trend, with natural daylight an essential component of the general aesthetic and usefulness of the kitchen design.

The Devina Home Design experts team looks from major stores to provide their ideas and predictions for the most incredible kitchen remodel trends in 2022. In addition, we’ve included some of our personal favourites offers as an excellent kitchen remodel trends that we adore and stand out.

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There are numerous kitchen remodel factors to consider if you’re trying to figure out how to remodel a kitchen. From deciding on the most satisfactory plan for your needs to selecting the best appliances, backsplashes, and countertops, we’ll help you design a room you’ll adore. Kitchen remodels trends are also vital to consider, particularly regarding increasing resale value. Spending a lot of money on a distinctive kitchen that may not attract others is a bad investment, especially if you want to sell in a few years. Picking a universally appealing design and – dare we say it – absolutely on-trend will attract possible purchasers rather than alienate them.

So, either you understand what you need or are still unsure and looking for ideas, continue reading to find out all you require about remodeling a kitchen that will be on and perfect for you for several coming years.

 1. Minimalism Is Number One in Kitchen Remodel Trends

In 2022 and beyond, kitchens will remain clean and sparse. Kitchens will rely more on intelligent efficiency and innovation in the coming years. There will be more wireless, app-controlled, voice-controlled smart appliances and other technologies in the kitchen.

Sleek designs are always present in minimalist design, but perfectly alright woods, fractal shapes, and geometric layout on taps and appliances will add more elements to the kitchen.

Fluid, gratis forms in the mid-century minimalist look will also be featured in kitchen remodel trends in 2022 and beyond. You’ll witness simple geometric shapes and natural shapes sitting out in remarkable unison next to each other.

 2. Smart Kitchens Are Number One in Kitchen Remodel Trends

Technology has fully integrated into the kitchen, and not just in the form of glittering gadgets and appliances. From faucets to freezers to light bulbs, you can now have a kitchen with technology built into every component. It is referred to as a bright kitchen.

Many modern kitchens are designed to be savvy from the start.

Motion-sensing kitchen faucets that indicate the position of fingertips beneath them and turn on remotely, or test a one-touch capability, are simple add-ons. You can have refrigerators that send you text messages when your food is running low or a coffee machine that makes your coffee when you arrive at work. There’s also a device that monitors your eggs and warns you when they’re ready to go wrong. Don’t forget to improve your electrical system so you can control all of your lights from your phone or tablet.

As more people explore new technologies, innovative kitchens are growing more trendy. It is one of the most crucial kitchen remodel trends for 2022.

 3. Cabinet Colors in Kitchen Remodel Trends

Dark Colors Have Arrived, and White Is Leaving!

Even though white cabinets are a traditional design that can be employed in virtually any kitchen design, they are on their journey away! During the year 2022, we predict white will lose appeal. Imagine islands in a range of color palettes or wooden staining hues to end things in the all-white kitchen. 

The tones of blue and green will be the most attractive for these flashes of color. Another color scheme that is finding its entrance into the kitchen is dark gem tones, which contrast to these neutral natural hues: Black, blue, emerald green, and even plum are just a few of the colors available. Dark kitchen cabinets will astound you with how effectively they may function and improve kitchen remodeling with their striking and sumptuous look.

Dark kitchen cabinets exude a level of beauty and a depth, sumptuous ambiance that the other choices lack. They give the kitchen a subdued striking feel. However, you must be cautious not to overwhelm the space and make it appear permanently dark. However, in 2022, an increasing number of homeowners are taking risks and choosing a kitchen with darker cabinet hues. In the stylish kitchen of 2022, plan to find a lot of black and deeper shade colors.

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4. Appearance, Materials, and Styles That Are More Simplified in Kitchen Remodel Trends

Although rustic and mid-century modern designs remain fashionable, homeowners are becoming more simplified in their general look, kitchen layouts, and renewable methods. You want to come back home to a cozy setting that drowns out the strains of everyday life. It usually translates to “simple structure.” It’s all about modern and stylish shapes for superficial appearances. Throughout 2022, they will remain in a tremendous rage.

Eliminating upper wall cabinets has grown increasingly popular in recent years because it creates a more visible area in the kitchen, making it look more significant and more excellent. It assists you in making more efficient use of your storage space.

Not to add that most people can’t access the cabinetry’s upper shelves in the first place. However, open shelves would be a terrific option if you required more storage space or wanted to create a focal point.

We don’t intend to be mistaken for dull when we mean simplified. As a result, elements with a surface should be considered. If you’re going for a more industrial look, use clean edge wood to draw in natural aspects or steel tubing. Granite countertops floor tiles or carved, beveled, or layered backsplash tiles create the ideal central focus. These unique patterns stand out from the standard polished or shiny surfaces seen everywhere. You might even choose to try a ceiling decoration to add some extra oomph. Coffered, tray, and wood beams are all excellent options.

 5. Quartz Reigns Supreme in the Kitchen Remodel Trends

The most preferred material for elevated kitchen countertops is still quartz. The material is incredibly durable, may last indefinitely, is easy to clean, and is antimicrobial. Granite, the primary contender in the highest mean, requires extra maintenance.

The primary worry was the absence of color and texture possibilities when quartz countertops first hit the market. However, producers now offer a wide selection of hues and simple stone designs because of technological advancements. Quartz can be polished with intricate patterns and massive subtle shading to resemble other materials such as natural stone. These one-of-a-kind looks have exploded in popularity.

However, there is a noticeable shift toward lighter, more neutral hues. Grey, taupe, creamy, and white textures are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. Subtle shading has taken the role of famous particles in past years. It’s pretty much in keeping with the current trend in most homes for slimmer looks.

While we’re talking about countertops, composite sinks are becoming increasingly popular. They provide a seamless look composed of the same material as the countertops. It results in a more consistent appearance and enables maintenance and upkeep much simpler. Compelling with stainless steel sinks and rustic sinks will be difficult

kitchen remodel trends

6. In Kitchen Remodel Trends, Cabinetry Is Revamped as a Storage System

One of the most irritating aspects of kitchen cabinetry is the loss of storage. The basic cabinets and compartments are designed so that there are many useless areas. What’s worse, free space is frequently either too little for some of your bulky items or too broad, leaving you with no way to effectively and conveniently arrange the area.

Kitchen shelving is one of the most critical aspects of an efficient kitchen. You will be confronted with multiple hassles and obstacles if insufficient or inefficient. Homeowners are beginning to explore improved storage systems within cabinetry to address these storage issues. Examples are compartments for cooking utensils, drawer separators for cutlery, pull-outs for spices, tray dividers, roll-out trays and caddies for pots and pans, or wide drawers. Food, drinks, and small appliances will be easier to store with these.

In 2022, a variety of novel kitchen storage choices will be available throughout the entire kitchen, with the motive of making daily life easier and preparing more enjoyable.

Using storage containers and labels will allow you to maintain your pantry tidy.

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7. Hardwood Flooring Reigns Supreme in Kitchen Remodel Trends, but Ceramic Tile Is Gaining Ground

When it relates to kitchen flooring, Hardwood floor is still very trendy. However, ceramic flooring, the second most popular alternative, will gain popularity. Due to technological advancements, ceramic flooring is currently available in a vast range of patterns, colors, and thicknesses.

Ceramic tiles that resemble hardwood floors, for example, are available. Choose ceramic if you need to keep the appearance of hardwood but need a more explicit material to clean. Ceramic tiles can be made to seem like various other materials, like natural stone, in contrast to wood. Even the surface of the material has been altered to resemble these materials.

You don’t have to stick to typical dimensions for size. When it comes to diversity and more oversized tiles, it appears that the future is very bright. Single plank tiles can be purchased that, once installed, mimic real wide hardwood planks. You can also buy customized cut tiles to make a kitchen with a distinctive design.

8. Multifunctional Kitchen Islands on a Single Level in Kitchen Remodel Trends

Kitchen islands are no more a last-minute addition or a cramped area saver. They’ve evolved into the kitchen’s main center and core. One of the new trends is single-level larger dimensions that can be used for numerous purposes, which is particularly important now that we’re getting fewer wall cabinet storage in kitchen designs. The kitchen island is intended to create a remark, and its layout must do so.

Bigger kitchen islands will be the king in 2022. They will have storage option cabinets and different under-counter equipment and seats, making them suitable for relaxed dining and drinking. We see a trend for the kitchen island to stretch into the sitting room to suit the greater size in open-plan houses. It allows the kitchen island to serve multiple purposes without taking up valuable counter space.

9. Kitchen Remodel Trends in Backsplash Design

Backsplashes can be a fantastic way to personalize your home. On the other hand, kitchen tile backsplashes appear to have fresh, latest fashion trends all the time. Who can stay current with all the rapid alteration? 

First and foremost, subway tiles are no longer in use! Okay, they’re not gone, but if homeowners can use them these times, it’s because they’re bigger. People are increasingly opting for more giant blocks of tile with various colors and designs. There are a plethora of color options available here. It all relies on the other colors you use in your kitchen, as well as your preferences. Right now, a splash of color is fashionable, and it helps you to be more inventive with your style. Neutral designs with delicate structures are another alternative for those seeking a classic aesthetic.

Moreover, tile backsplashes have also evolved in thickness and their area on the surface. The use of big blocks is on the rise. These blocks can be marble, quartz, wood, copper, stainless steel, glass, etc. Backsplashes are climbing to the roof in terms of wall covering due to the phasing out of higher cabinets. When decorating this surface, tile backsplashes are a common alternative.

With our reference on HOW TO CHOOSE A MODERN KITCHEN BACKSPLASH: 7 TOP SIMPLE TIPS, we’re here to help.

10. Kitchen Remodel Trends Interacts with the Outdoors

Homeowners are connecting their kitchen to an outside space or patio. They’re also building access points from the kitchen to the outdoor gathering areas. By installing a screen door in your kitchen, you can connect these two areas of your home. Another item that has recently been done is to remove the small window next to the sink and replace it with 5-6 foot wide windows. It will necessitate some re-framing and the deletion of the wall cabinets, which is now fashionable.

  1. Kitchen Remodel Trends Injects a Vibrant Pop of Color

As previously stated, white will never go out of style. Evermore individuals appear to be interested in experimenting with colored cabinets in their homes, particularly in the kitchen. Because you spend so much time visiting friends and family in this room, why not paint it in your favorite color? It can be used on islands, storage boxes, and even a whole wall as a pop of color, but not in the kitchen overall. The earth’s colors, such as marine blues and intense greens, will be the predominant colors in 2022.

It doesn’t end there; numerous cabinet producers have released soft pinks to give the area a feminine touch. What hue do you think your room is?

  1. Kitchen Remodel Trends Use a Variety of Metals

Is it acceptable to mix metals in the kitchen? It is a common question in 2022 kitchen remodel trends. Yes, mixing metals gives room for character, mainly when done effectively. A more considerable emphasis on the creative blend will be seen in 2022. It is no more fashionable to maintain places “matchy-matchy.” Install a soft golden faucet with black or nickel hardware if you like golden fixtures and do not need them all across your kitchen. Light fittings can be whole other metal, indicating the metal you’re working with elsewhere.

These objects complete the look of the room. Make a statement with them! Another option to include metals is through the furnishings you choose for your dinner tables, seats, and island barstools. These can be swapped out when you wish to switch stuff up! Patterned metals in the same hue as other kitchen components are an excellent opportunity to boost a new element without going overboard. The faucet arch could be one color, such as matte black, with gentle brass or chrome handles.

kitchen remodel trends

13. Kitchen Remodel Trends Focuses on Hood with a Decorative Design

Traditional stainless steel hoods are no longer available. Today’s homeowners want hoods made of wood, plaster, brick, or mixed metal, among other decorative options. Personalization is essential to ensure that it stands out in a modern kitchen.

Homeowners will be concentrating on their hood styles in 2022. Based on the design of the kitchen, this item might be a big point of focus in the room. Most of the time, the stove and hood are placed on a wall seen from other parts of the house. A bespoke steel hood is a great way to end a long series of wooden cabinetry. These are fantastic benefits, but they are a burden of expense. Custom steel hoods can cost a lot, but they are a stunning accent to any kitchen remodel, so keep in mind your budget appropriately. Let’s get rid of those monotonous identical stainless hoods and use your place more creatively! ? it is your opportunity to include a blending metal!

  1. Walk-In Pantries & Outdoor Kitchens Are Essential in Kitchen Remodel Trends

Increasingly, walk-in pantries are becoming necessary because of the open floor plan, window wall, and open shelving. These pantries can be uncovered, hidden, or hidden behind closed doors, but they are increasingly turning a highlight with decorated or textured wallpaper walls painted in vibrant colors. Some have even become a “second kitchen,” complete with dishwashers and beverage refrigerators. These sections help to provide the impression of a clean and well-organized kitchen.

Following the global pandemic, the outdoor kitchen has gone from a “nice to have” to a “must-have” environment.

15. Kitchen Remodel Trends Bring Natural Materials to the Kitchens

The highly polished materials of the past, frequently sterile and synthetic, are no longer fashionable. Natural materials like stone, cement, wood, and neutral colors have reinvented elegance for 2022. They emphasize other aspects of the style and maintain things realistic but straightforward.

Try using cement or a stone with slight roughness or subtle shading as a countertop. Choose timbers with a light brown color and a straight texture. Create a kitchen with only the most basic “flavorings” that you can comprehend and follow too.

The materials referred to as “basic” are far from simple. They allow the elegance of minimalism and nature to come through, opening up a world of opportunities.

Focusing on 2022 kitchen remodel trends can assist you in completing a kitchen renovation that will be relevant to the considered decade (at least). 

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Allow these forthcoming trends to inspire your kitchen remodel or new home development in 2022. These concepts integrate the finest in utility and beauty to make the ideal kitchen.


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