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How To Choose A Modern Kitchen Backsplash: 7 Top Simple Tips

Modern kitchen backsplashes are available in various styles, from simple to ornate. You’ll be stumped if you don’t know which type to choose. The most common types of tiles are limestone, porcelain, stainless steel, ceramic, varnished wood, and stone tiles. There are also many unique patterns, such as mosaics, stone and glass combinations, and other intriguing motifs. This article will find out seven tips and examples while choosing a modern kitchen backsplash.

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Picking The Right Modern Kitchen Backsplash

 modern kitchen backsplash

It’s challenging to find backsplashes that match your kitchen design and the other surfaces. Additionally, there are a wide variety of modern kitchen backsplashes available today. You’ll need to consider a factor when choosing a tile backsplash for your kitchen if you want it to look flawless. Consider these things when selecting modern kitchen backsplashes.


1. Decide On Your Favorite Tile Design And Material.

A range of unique tiles can be found for modern kitchen backsplashes, including ceramics, copper, other metals, glazed tiles, stone, and porcelain tiles. The surfaces of all these tiles can be either matte or shiny. Shiny surfaces in the kitchen can make even a relatively small amount of light seem brighter, contributing to its aesthetic appeal, while matte surfaces compliment a well-lit kitchen. A gleaming polish further enhances the ambiance of the kitchen. Gleaming surfaces include porcelain backsplashes, glazed ceramic tiles, and steel bands.


These materials are ideal for persons who like to clean. To achieve the right decision, it is always advisable to bring home tile samples that complement the existing kitchen decor to make sure that they match one another.


2. Choose A Color That Complements The Other Hues In Your Kitchen.

You should choose a backsplash that complements the color of your kitchen cabinets. If your cabinets are white, choose lighter tiles; if they are dark, use darker tiles. Your kitchen will appear cluttered and complicated if you use a contrasting color. Utilizing complementary colors in the layout helps connect the tile backsplash and the cabinets, giving them more meaning and significance.


3. Tiles Should Match The Kitchen’s Proportion, Scale, And Dimensions.

The large tiles installed in a small kitchen can detract from the room’s proportions, making it appear smaller than it is. However, tiny tiles in a large kitchen will not impact the space. Moreover, they will make the roof seem crowded.


Cohesive design requires a tile size must dominate its area and work in tandem with the other styling cues.




4. Stay Away From Anything Too Busy

If you create a stylish kitchen, choose neutral tile styles that can serve as a background for kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, kettles, etc. In contrast to a flashy style, a neutral type has a better chance of surviving as trends and preferences change. If you decide to sell your home in the future, a neutral style will boost its sale price.


Modern kitchen backsplashes are therefore a fantastic aesthetic element that will enhance your kitchen, turning it into the pride of your friends. If you understand how to pick them, you will create an unmatched and vibrant kitchen.


5. Stay Away From The Grout Controversy

Several homeowners prefer backsplashes with few or no grout lines since they are concerned about keeping them tidy. Mosaics and smaller tiles, however, require much more grout. The grout lines should blend in with or stand out from the tile color if they are visible? Grout comes in a massive variety of colors, almost as many as the choices of tiles!


6. Consider The Height Of The Backsplash

Most backsplashes extend from the counter to the bottom of the wall cabinets. However, homeowners choose to have the tile go up the walls for their homes to have more consistency and excitement. If your ceilings are very high, this may be a bit excessive. Finishing your backsplash by aligning the tile with the height of the wall cabinets is a fabulous idea.


7. Should The Countertop Match?

As there are more options for countertops, the variety of backsplash patterns has grown. Some backsplash patterns blend seamlessly with the color scheme of the countertop and cabinets, while others feature bold colors and textures. You will need to consider your taste and that of your entire kitchen when selecting a design.


Consider the most important issues before making a decision. To begin, here are some modern kitchen backsplash ideas.

75 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for 2021!


Modern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas With Examples

 modern kitchen backsplash

New Subway Tile For Modern Kitchen Backsplash

Rather than the white 36 ceramic tiles of the past, there are now a variety of subway tiles available. Subway tiles have survived into a variety of aesthetic options. They are still a typical pick in many kitchens.


Glazed brick can be found in various colors, in contemporary and industrial farmhouse themes. If your kitchen color scheme is brighter, a darker tone of this tile could give a stunning contrast.


Additionally, broader tiles are becoming increasingly popular, as they can lend a more contemporary look to kitchens. Hand-crafted tiles (or tiles that appear to be hand-crafted) can also be used as a backsplash. Thick grout is ideal for creating a rustic look.


This 312 glazed ceramic tile is laid in a vertical offsetting design in a vibrant blue. This design makes an excellent modern kitchen backsplash alternative and creates a strong statement.


Take a look at a hand-crafted tile with a colorful pattern you can rearrange any way you like if you’re looking for something a little more entertaining.


Subway Tile Designs

A lack of availability has led to subway and old square tiles reemerging in popularity. Of course, there are many options beyond simple white motifs.

The black subway tiles and square tiles appear great, but they’re just the beginning.

From unusual stone slabs to custom-designed mosaics, modern kitchen backsplash ideas come in various unexpected shapes and sizes. You don’t have to opt for something out of this planet to create your stand-out; even the most basic tile style can appear fantastic in the proper setting. Even the most basic tile style can look great in the right location; you don’t have to use something out of this world to make yours stand out.



Design And Texture Options For Modern Kitchen Backsplash

In addition to subway tile, you have several options. A simple and elegant diamond shape set at an angle, paired with a backsplash material with an elevated design, can make a pleasing visual effect.


A variety of materials and forms are available for robust designs. They can not only provide a compelling focal point for your kitchen, but they can also give it a substantial feel.


Various backsplash patterns and materials are also becoming increasingly popular in kitchens. Add a tile accent wall beneath the stove hood and use subway tiles for the remainder of the space to give your kitchen a natural style.


  • Stainless Steel 

If you want to make your kitchen appear like a chef’s kitchen, stainless steel is what you need. It seems sleek, adaptable, and highly futuristic due to its clean but attractive surface.


  • Metal That Gleams

In addition to plate metal tiles, metallic tiles can add a bit more intrigue to your backsplash. Copper and brass are also popular metals.


  • Elegant Glass

Glass is one of the most cost-effective backsplash options. But, if you think it can’t look elegant, consider the following samples.

The choice is yours, whether you choose consistent glass or glass tiles. In simple styles, glass always seems elegant. Adding vivid color to the picture will also make it more engaging.


  • Poster Patterns 

You won’t come across poster backsplash ideas every day, but that’s probably because oil spots on people’s likenesses look unattractive. If you seek a unique feature for your glass backsplash, take a look at a photographic painting or wallpaper.


  • Surfaces With Chalkboards

In modern kitchens, chalkboards are a controversial subject, primarily due to the filthy nature of chalkboards and the difficulty of wiping them. However, it does have some benefits, such as giving you ample space to organize your menu or write lovely notes.


  • Interesting Forms 

It’s not just that tiles are simple to clean, but they’re also available in a mind-boggling array of styles, colors, and forms. Choose a Swiss cross-shaped tile that genuinely emphasizes the premium details.


  • Honeycomb Designs

In recent years, beehive tiles have become increasingly popular. Different shapes, colors, and finishes are available, including a desirable marble look.

Even when placed on only half of a wall, they are more decorative than squares and rectangles.



  • Printed Tiles

A printed patterned tile, whether simple or intricate, is always stunning. The most straightforward approach to using printed tiles is to place them on a white backdrop since this eliminates the need to harmonize the colors. Neutrals work best with intricate patterns.


  • Personalized Designs

With bespoke backsplash ideas, you are always on the outside looking in. Nothing is impossible when designing these tiles, from patterned tiles to creative designs.

A bespoke backsplash will most likely cost more, but you can always install it yourself if you have the time and motivation.


Solid Ideas For Modern Kitchen Backsplash

 modern kitchen backsplash

For a genuinely smooth and attractive appearance, a solid block of marble or quartz may be the best choice.


The backsplash material on your kitchen countertop can be used as an aesthetic element behind the range hood if you cannot afford a full-on slab backsplash. A small piece behind the range hood can connect the kitchen.


  • Marble With Streaks

While browsing through several kitchen ideas, you’ll notice how trendy marble has become a decorating material. You can use marble for countertops, wall cladding, and worktops.


Despite their beauty and elegance, marble backsplashes are not efficient. If you don’t have the funds for retightening and additional maintenance, it’s best to purchase porcelain tiles that look like marble.


  • Symmetrical Granite

However, marble is not the only natural stone used for kitchen countertops; for example, a granite slab with streaks, splatters, and knots is also a good choice.


Granite is an excellent alternative to marble because it is slightly less expensive. It makes a perfect choice for kitchens that aspire for a truly unique, fresh look, even if it is pretty striking.


  • Stones Aplenty

Natural stones such as slate, limestone, and quartz can create a gorgeous focal point for your kitchen with a sense of intrigue. Agate and onyx are two more eye-catching alternatives, and both can be illuminated for a more dramatic effect.


Wooden Backsplash Ideas For A Modern Kitchen

 modern kitchen backsplash

A salvaged wood backsplash can serve as a great alternative to tile for a beautiful and inviting kitchen. With the suitable material and surface, you can create a backsplash that will last for years.


  • Brick In The Attic Design

The beauty of brick lies in its unique allure, as well as its affordability. If you’ve always wanted to live in an attic, this is your chance.


Looking for a way to achieve an appearance without the hassle and maintain the bricks clean simultaneously? On the other hand, Brick coatings will provide you with a realistic appearance without the weight. To keep the imitation bricks clean, use a brush and liquid detergent.


  • Delightful Wood

Adding wood paneling to your home is another way to add loft style. Instead of natural wood, you can use wood-look porcelain tiles, which are not only affordable, practical, and easy to maintain but also come in many different models.


Because these are available in various patterns and hues, you can select between a natural appearance or a more finished stone-like appearance. There are also rustic plank look tiles, styles that resemble colorfully painted wood planks, and many other intriguing choices to explore.

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To Sum It Up

Modern kitchen backsplashes are as beautiful as functional, offering a decorative accent while also preserving the walls. However, it might be tough to decide where to begin with so many style alternatives. To get you started, Devina Home Design professionals have made you acquainted with some tips to make your kitchen stylish with a modern kitchen backsplash.


The process of choosing the perfect backsplash for your kitchen can be complicated due to the seemingly endless options, but you also need to make sure the backsplash complements the rest of your kitchen’s design and meets your needs. Natural stone, wood-look tiles, and eye-catching mosaics are among today’s most popular kitchen backsplash designs. Feel free to share your ideas if a new modern kitchen backsplash design idea comes to your mind.



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