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4 Things to Consider While Removing Your Kitchen’s Wall in Orange County

Many homeowners have been staying longer at home because of the pandemic, and they face that their living space or work area is too small. They realize that they will have a more expansive space by kitchen wall removal between their kitchen and dining room. Removing a wall to open up the kitchen will update any kitchen design and transform it into a modern space.

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There are some points that you should consider before removing the wall:

Is It Possible to Remove Any Wal

In general, you can remove any wall, but the possibility depends on how much money you want to spend. It would be great to ask a professional to give you advice and evaluate how much it will cost to remove all of them. Sometimes the wall you want to remove is structural. It means that the load-bearing wall supports the ceiling or floor above or the house’s roof. You can still pull it, but it is required to add construction time and pay remodeling costs. With columns, beams, or posts, a contractor makes a structural system for safety. The support provided by the load-bearing wall will replace this structural system. The number of beams or columns varies based on the original weight that it relies on.

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What Type of Wall Is It?

It is imperative to consider the type of internal wall while removing a wall between the kitchen and dining room. Compared to masonry walls, plasterboard with timber stud walls are cheaper, uncomplicated, and easier to remove. Using heavy-duty demolition equipment may require masonry walls. Compared to plasterboard wall removal, a masonry wall is also more time-consuming.

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What Utilities Can You Find Within The Wall Cavity?

Before the kitchen wall removal, it is vital to refer to your house plan and check what utilities are installed there. You can ask your previous homeowner or local council for a copy of your house plan.

Generally, you can find air conditioning ducts, ventilation, plumbing, and electrical wiring inside the wall cavity. While removing the wall, you need to reroute and relocate them carefully to avoid any additional cost because of an accident. For each part, you may need a specialist: an HVAC technician, a plumber, and an electrician to help you complete your remodeling project. You can consult with experienced kitchen remodeling companies to coordinate everything for you.

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How Much Does a Kitchen Wall Removal Cost In Orange County?

Before tearing down the kitchen wall, you should estimate the cost of it. Basically, the cost of removing a wall depends on the type of the wall and the number of embedded systems that need rerouting. In addition, the structure of your current kitchen and how small or large your kitchen remodeling project is, affecting your expenses. The average cost of removing a wall between kitchen and dining room is about $10,000.

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Final Words

You can perform any kitchen wall removal. You just should be aware of what is involved so that you can manage your options and consider the impact on your budget. Therefore, at first, specify the type of the wall. The next step would be relocating the utilities installed inside the wall. Last but not least point is cost estimation. Choosing a well-known company can help you to run your project confidently.

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