The 20 Best Practical Tips to Organize Your Small Kitchen in 2021

It is possible to offer all functionality and good looking with your small kitchen, with some clever ideas. You can even maximize the tiniest space without sacrificing the style. You could be a master baker or chef in the little area as well. To turn a small galley kitchen into the cooking space of your dream, you should use the right interior design tricks. Tones of ideas exist for you in Mission Viejo and Laguna Hills to maximize storage and efficiency. You should take time and work with your space layout: What is your kitchen’s limited area?

  • A single-wall kitchen
  • Small U-shaped kitchen
  • Tucked in a corner kitchen

If you want to have an excellent design for your small kitchen, the important point is good planning. Check if your plan meets all of your room requirements like food storage, cookware, and tableware. It would be best to have an efficient floor plan for preparation, cooking, and dishing up with an efficient process.

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Advantages of Small Kitchens

1. There is more efficiency for designing, and better ergonomics as a result

Basically, as much as the work triangle is tighter, it is more ergonomically correct, and your workplace will be efficient.

2. You will expense less, as you will require less building materials

As the smaller quantities are necessary for a small kitchen, the overall costs of building materials are considerably less. The flooring is significantly smaller, and the countertops are shorter. Backsplashes which is one of the expensive materials in the kitchen, use noticeably less tile.

Read these tips for choosing a kitchen materials palette.

3.  It is more practical for DIY construction

The DIY option is more practical with a small kitchen because more petite space uses fewer building materials. Besides, your kitchen remodeling project will finish faster.

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4. You can afford more expensive high-end materials

You can upgrade the quality of materials you use because you are purchasing less material.

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5. Designing a small area is easier

In terms of small kitchen design, you have fewer options. So with limited small kitchen layout options, you chose your desired design faster. Instead of extensive counter and cabinet configuration, you give more attention to select the materials and fixtures.

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6. Bigger living room

When less space is given to your kitchen, your living room, family room, or dining room will have more space consequently. It will also be possible to create a small office, a sewing or hobby room which would not be possible with a large kitchen.

We share new design tricks for your small kitchens

  • Warp your place with a small rug

When you face a cramped space, adding a colorful rug can help you make it warm without overwhelming your kitchen. Michelle Nussbaumer, an interior design, recommends it. She also chose a warm color palette and packed plenty of texture-rich materials into a small space. Find the rug with your proper size here.

  • Green thumb is a clue

You can liven up your space by adding some greenery. See pet-friendly plants and indoor trees to find the proper plant for your kitchen.

  • Two-toned walls

If you paint the walls with two colors, it will bring a distinct feature to space.

  • Open Shelving

Instead of the cabinet, you can use open shelving. To eliminate clutter and bring simplicity, it is a nice trend. Marie Kondo, the Japanese Interior designer, introduces the KonMari Method which focuses on organizing your home by the categories of items instead of specific rooms.

  • Small statement backsplash

As a full backsplash can overwhelm your space, while using a little backsplash, let your space seem brighter. Read this blog to find the best small kitchen backsplashes to make the kitchens appear larger.

  • Multifunctional Peninsula

You can make your countertop a place for cooking, washing, and dining making it a key functional place for your kitchen. Select your luxury countertops here.

  • Smart Lighting

With a fantastic piece of statement lighting, you feel that your kitchen is spacious and clean. By installing light over the countertop and sink area. See 85 retail lighting ideas in 2021 here.

  • Pare down

Do you really need these many utensils? Reduce your kitchen stuff to the bare minimum. You will be surprised with your actual space; as a result of this action. Find Minimalist Kitchen Essentials Here.

  • Mirror the walls

If you mirror your walls, it definitely makes a small kitchen feel larger.


You can use any of these small kitchen ideas to create your dream space.




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