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6 Essential Things to Consider While Buying a Bathtub in 2022

When you renovate your bathroom, buying a bathtub could be challenging, as you have to consider many factors. Taking care of all aspects will help you take a fantastic bath after a long and busy day. While deciding on all available choices that you have in the market for bathtub replacement, take your time to answer important questions regarding your new bathtub. You can also think about bathtub refinishing.

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With this guideline, you can have a better choice while buying a bathtub:


1) Available Space in Your Bathroom

You need to know which type of bathtub could be installed in your bathroom. Generally, a standard bathtub has this dimension:

60 inches long

4 inches deep

30 inches wide

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2) Special Installation Requirements for Your Bathtub

If you want to install a jetted bathtub, you will require an air switch, pump, and electric timer. Usually, pumps are suitable to put in within the tub unit. But there is another option by some manufacturers, which is remote-location pumps. It could be set up to 5 feet from the tub and be covered in a vanity cabinet or closet. The Non Electric air switch may be placed on the tub unit. According to standard code requirements, a safe distance to install the electric timer would be at least 5 feet away from the tub.

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3) Bathtub Materials

Buying a bathtub can be overwhelming among various sizes and shapes. Based on the bathtub you are selecting, you determine durability, price, and cleanability. Comparing the materials before buying a bathtub can be helpful.


It is mainly produced from either acrylic or fiberglass. With the most incredible design flexibility, you can have plastic bathtubs in many shapes. It is good insulation and warms to the touch. So compared to the cast-iron or enameled- steel, it keeps water warm for a longer time. Besides, plastic has a lightweight weight of about 60 to 70 pounds. It is resistant to chipping, but it is better not to use an abrasive cleaner for it, as it could damage it.


It is coated with enamel. The cast-iron coating is thicker than Enameled Steel, so it doesn’t chip easily. It is also more resistant and durable to impacts. A cast-iron tub keeps water warm for a longer time, although it pulls heat from water initially. The most significant disadvantage of it is its weight which could be about 350 to 500 pounds. Because of this it is hardly can be installed on the second floor.

Enameled Steel

They are the most affordable choice for buying a bathtub. Enameled Steel is coated with Porcelain-enamel. But it also has some disadvantages as tub water cools very quickly as steel conducts heat. It is also susceptible to chipping. It is heavier, about two times of plastic weight.


If you are looking for a bathtub that replicates the look of granite, marble, or onyx, cast-polymer is the best choice. You can find it in various solid colors. Although the price of Cast-polymer is a little higher than acrylic, its surface doesn’t remain as well.

Proprietary composites

It is relatively new material to the bathtub marketplace. Proprietary composites consist of porcelain enamel, heavy-gauge steel, and resins. This combination creates a bathtub material that has all advantages of Cast-iron, but it has half the weight.

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4) Bathtubs Types and Installation

The configuration of your bathroom is important while buying a bathtub for your bathroom. This also determines which installation can work. You can find a few bathtub types in the following, and decide which one suits your lifestyle.

Freestanding tubs

They are the most popular type of bathtubs, and you can imagine why. You don’t need connecting walls to install freestanding bathtubs, and they can fit in any space. Compared to drop-in tubs, freestanding tubs can make a centerpiece for your bathroom. It doesn’t cost higher than other options on the market.

  Alcove tubs

They are also known as recess tubs. They are installed in the corner where the three walls connect with one finished side. As they don’t need a lot of space, it is common to be used in smaller homes or apartments. You can see that they are combined into a shower combo.

Whirlpool tubs

A bathtub model that has jets is provided to have a spa bathtub experience. These jets push water all over the whirlpool tubs. You should consider that this type of bath is more expensive than other available options.

Soaking tubs

This type of bath has extra-deep dimensions that you, as a bather, can thoroughly soak in water and relax.

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Final Words

Buying a bathtub is full of stress, while relaxing in a bath with warm water is a delightful experience. The design of your bathroom affects the type of bathtub you are choosing. The lifespan of your bathtub depends directly on its material, so it is critical which material you select for your bathtub. A good choice can also match the decor of your bathroom. Besides, it will bring luxury and style. To reach these aspects, you need to consult with an expert company that gives you a perfect bathtub buying guide.

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