Top-Notch Ideas for Bathroom Vanity in a 2022 Modern Bathroom

To make a functional and beautiful bathroom, you should choose the perfect bathroom vanities for your remodeling project. 

Vanities offer you an excellent area for storing and securing your bathroom sink. In fact, they can improve the aesthetic of your bathroom. So if you are planning a bathroom remodel, consider having one. 

But there are several great ideas for bathrooms with vanities that will be trendy in the following year, 2022. Luckily, this blog by Devina Home Design is a complete guide that will help you know every modern style of vanities for both small and master bathrooms. Top Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for California Houses in 2021


So before making the right decision, read this helpful blog to make your bathroom your new favorite place in the house.

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4 Perfect Small Bathroom Vanities in 2022

The right vanity will help you have more functional space and make the most out of your limited area when it comes to small bathroom remodel. These small bathroom vanities make a big statement. So why look further? We got all small-space friendly and affordable bathroom vanities.

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1- Corner Bathroom Vanities


Corner vanities are fantastic for small bathrooms. They are applied to the corner without taking much space. They may indeed have limited storage, but they are still great for small bathrooms.

2-Floating Vanities

Floating vanities has been one of the popular ideas in restaurants that we will see in homes in the following year. A great feature of this vanity type is that you can adjust its height. They also give you more space. So if you have a small bathroom, they have been made perfectly for you. 


3- Wall Mount Vanities

Adding a chic look and making your bathroom spacious, just a few numbers of wall mount vanities. As they create more standing areas, they are excellent for tiny bathrooms. 

Moreover, wall-mounted vanities won’t be connected to your floors, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your bathroom floors. 

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But before applying them, make sure your bathroom wall is strong enough to bear the vanity’s weight. Also, too much force can make the vanity fall and cause damage to your bathroom if you are not careful enough with it.


4-Open & Airy Shelving

Open & airy shelving has been a trend for years, which will be continued in 2022. They can make your bathroom luxurious and more inviting. Their essential benefit is making spaces look more extensive, which means they come amazing for smaller bathrooms. 

You can also have various styles to choose from when it comes to this type of vanity. So, without any doubt, they will be a great small bathroom idea in the following year. 


3 Superior Master Bathroom Vanities in 2022

A master bathroom is a personal space for households to relax and let their hair down after some backbreaking days. If you want to remodel your bathroom or even make few changes, choose a beautiful vanity for your master bathroom to make a big difference.

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 1-Vessel Vanities

You may often see vessel vanity in fancy hotels or restaurants. As it takes up a bit of space, vessel vanities are great for master bathrooms. You can create a large bathroom with enough storage and have a luxurious and elegant one with their unique designs. 


2-Decorative Storage

For creating decorative and functional storage, you need to have ample space. Vanities that include a bottom shelf with open decorative storage are perfect for master bathrooms. You can also think about double sink vanity with a unique design for your future bathroom renovation.


 3-Free Standing Vanities

Free-standing vanities with or without legs take up large areas, so they may not be appropriate for small bathrooms. 

But these vanities bring many advantages for master bathrooms, from adding creative design and good storage to easy installation. So start thinking about this type if you want a great space with modern bathroom vanities. 

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Have You Found the Perfect Bathroom Vanity?

In this blog, we divided the vanities into small and master bathrooms to help you know which ones are ideal for your space. So have you already found yours?

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