5 Questions to Ask before choosing a countertop material

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Whether you’re renovating your current kitchen or making a new one from scratch, it looks like you need some new countertops. There’s a lot to examine from practical elements to design when deciding on suitable countertop material and color. We’ve placed together a list of questions to ask yourself when choosing kitchen countertops to help you find the right fit for your needs and taste.

And we are going to be talking about how to choose a kitchen countertop.

I spent hours researching different countertop materials and ended up bringing countless pieces to test out. It was, by far, the most difficult decision I made when it came to choosing what I needed in the kitchen.


How Will You Use Your Countertops?


How they’ll look is presumably the first thing you consider when choosing the most beneficial countertop. But if you don’t select a material that can endure your daily use of the space, your money will be wasted.

So ask yourself, how does your family use your kitchen?

“Do you cook a lot? Do you host parties or have kids in the home? How long do you expect to live in your home?”


One way to provide different uses for your kitchen is to get more than one variety of materials. If you chop many things when you cook, you may want to go with a built-in cutting board. Or if you cook frequently and could use a marble countertop division to work with.

Mixing and coordinating kitchen countertop materials will also help you spend less on a tight budget. For instance, if you own a large island, you may invest in a less expensive material here. Then you can donate a little extra money on adjacent countertops that take up fewer square feet.


Are You Willing to Do Maintenance?

Be genuine and realistic about this one. Before you fall in love with the appearance of a material, know the requirements involved with its upkeep. Here’s what to hold in mind:

  • Porous materials like limestone, granite, and marble require oiling and sealing at least once a year.
  • Other materials, like quartz, take just a mere wipe down.
  • Butcher block is long-lasting, but it also requires routine sealing to avoid unnecessary damage.

Not sure which material is suitable for you? Let’s head to our breakdown of the most sought-after materials.

“Quartz is popular because there is almost no maintenance needed. It’s durable and non-porous. Granite is also popular, but it’s softer and may need some resealing and refinishing.”


How Much Space Do You Need?

Knowing how many direct feet of countertop area you have will help you formulate your estimate of the quantity of material you’ll require. Please take this to different companies to differentiate against their various options and brands. This will give you a rough concept of how much money will need you to buy a specific material or brand over another.

What’s Your Budget?

The price of materials varies widely. But if accurately maintained, a good kitchen countertop material can serve you endlessly. We suggest deciding on your ideal countertops and then getting a version that fits your funds. For instance, maybe you love the appearance of marble, but it’s a bit out of your price range. Quartz has a similar look but is somewhat less pricey.

But depending on the differences between your perfect countertops and the less costly version, it may be worth spending a little extra on something you’ll be living with for ages.

In terms of value, ask not only, “Can I afford this material?” Also, ask yourself if the cost is compatible with other already utilized materials. to put it another way, putting high-end quartz on builder-grade cabinets with sheet vinyl flooring creates an imbalance that can be spotted quickly. So does fixing cheap laminate countertops on expensive cabinets.”


Will it Fit Your Home’s Aesthetic?


There is always this question regarding aesthetics: ‘ What will look best in my kitchen?’

Pick a tone that harmonizes or contrasts with the cabinets rather than being a close match. Cases include brown countertop material on natural white oak cabinets as a harmonized aesthetic or black granite on white coated cabinets as a contrast.”

Here’s a list of subjects to think about when analyzing which kitchen countertop material and color will match your design:

  • Do you like a particular countertop shade?
  • How does your choice look upon your existing kitchen walls?
  • Do you anticipate your paint and hardware preferences changing?
  • Are you satisfied with your current kitchen style, or do you want to change it up?


Things to remember:

  • Choose a versatile tone. Paint can vary over time, so the thoughtful idea is to have counters that match anything.
  • Picking a material with splashes of color will help hold your options open.
  • If possible, take samples home. Viewing the material in the unique light of your kitchen accessories and flooring in the room will assist you in deciding whether or not it fits what you had in mind.


Deciding on the Right Kitchen Material for You

Now that you have a general idea of how much maintenance you’re willing to put into your new counters, how much material you’ll need. Your budget and if you have more questions about planning your kitchen renovation project? Contact us and schedule a personal design consultation with one of our professional designers. And we can find the best fit for you.



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