Top Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for California Houses in 2021

When we talk about bathroom remodeling ideas, questions about small bathrooms cross our minds. As the population grows,  houses will be minimized; consequently, other parts of the house get smaller. The bathroom is one example of them. Here are five top ideas from bathroom designers to remodel your small bathrooms.


Choose the Right Wall Tile to Redesign your Bathroom

Designing a small bathroom means that you have to decide and act purposefully, and the tile is one of them which catches your attention when you step into a bathroom.

Nothing like tiles can make a bathroom look luxurious and refreshing.

Usually, when you decide to renovate the bathroom decoration, you choose the shape and color of the tiles and their arrangement in advance.

Here are top ideas for choosing the right tile:


Great Color Tile for Small Bathrooms

In a bathroom renovation, simply a color change will have a tremendous effect on the condition of the bathroom. Choosing the color of the bathroom tiles makes up 80% of the bathroom design, so you must select the color of your tiles with prior notice and total awareness.

As designers say, you should choose a neutral color scheme for your small bathroom. Light color tiles (white, cream, or even gray) lightens rather than dark color ones and make space seem more open, so your small bathroom will look more prominent; however, light-colored tiles need to be cleaned regularly to be fresh and shiny. On the other hand, some colored tiles, such as blue or gray, show minor stains and turbidity.


5 Bathroom Tile Trends in 2021

The type of tile naturally goes back to your taste. Some people like unique and single tiles, and others just look for plain-patterned, but stylish designs like rectangular tiles (metro tiles).

Note that you do not need to use only one type of tile to create the bathroom. Sometimes, if space allows, you can choose up to three different shapes and colors of bathroom tiles for one area.

There are different types of tiles, from traditional rectangles to geometric shapes. Here are top-trend tiles you can use in your bathroom and make it more gorgeous.


Hexagon Tile:

Hexagon tile, which has become trendy recently, is available in different sizes, colors, and textures and makes your bathroom look unique. You can use these excellent colorful tiles in graphic patterns, a nice combination of shapes and colors for bathroom flooring. One impressive usage of these types of tiles is setting the tone for the bathroom.


Graphic Patterns:

Another type of tile, known as a graphic pattern, makes walls attractive. Their different opposite light colors and complex patterns motivate you to stay longer in such places.


Matte Tiles:

Matte tiles are so popular and trendy. They are soft in style but are intense that , in comparison with glossy ceramics, do not look stronger. Matte tiles conceal dried water droplets; that’s why they are ideal for bathroom floors.


Neutral light tiles

Neutral colors are used widely in modern designs. Light colors like blue, red, and yellow are not standard in bathrooms. On the other hand, neutral colors (gray, cream, and beige ) are popular. However, as the bathroom needs more light, white color can be a good choice. Since the bathroom is a relaxing place, white color develops this feeling and makes you relaxed.


Subway Tiles

You may think that metro tiles can be dull, but these trendy tiles have a different style than traditional ones, making them more attractive. You can combine different colors of these tiles horizontally or vertically and make them patterned to create a pleasant wall for your bathroom.


Role of Shower and Tub in Bathroom Remodeling

Placing a shower in a small bathroom is undoubtedly challenging but not impossible. You need creative ideas. For  a large bathroom, using a bathtub is recommended, and in the bathrooms inside the bedroom, using a glass door can be a good idea.

Frosted glass windows can create a small space with natural light without losing your privacy.

Putting a shower in your bathroom can certainly add value to sell your house at a reasonable price. Having a shower and tub in the bathroom is a luxury feature, so it can make your prospective customers excited. In the following, you read about the three most popular shower and tubs:


Corner Tub

A small corner tub can create an elegant and stylish space for taking a shower. It gives you extra room for vanity. This type of tub can save enough space for you to use the remaining space for storage or a shower. Various models of corner tubs are available, which you can place in your bathroom according to the bathroom model, size, and preference.


Frameless Glass Shower Door

Frameless glass shower doors are made of resistant and tempered glasses without a metal frame. Homeowners appreciate their modern and clean appearance. These shower doors are often made of transparent glass and are available in any size. So, there is flexibility in designing your shower space. You can have a flow of light through the glass doors, make larger space in small bathrooms, prevent building up mold, and be easier to clean.


Doorless Shower

Doorless showers, known as walk-in showers, have many advantages. This style can save your time in cleaning the door of the shower. These showers can be designed in various ways. For instance, you can go to the wet room with a tub or the toilet right in the shower area. Some doorless showers have no walls. These showers are suitable for older adults and those who have moving difficulty , so they match standard age-in-place in global design.

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Having a dream bathroom is not necessarily a luxurious and expensive one. To have a dream bathroom, you need to design it properly to create a quality space that will make you feel relaxed. A modern and suitable design for the bathroom can turn your bathroom decoration into an environment full of energy and light. Our experts help you reach your goal.

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