4 Modern Kitchen Backsplash for Your Future Kitchen Renovation in 2021

Choosing the best kitchen backsplash is one of the most critical parts of your kitchen renovation. The primary purpose of a backsplash is to protect the wall behind your cooking area or countertop. They also add color, texture, and an elegant look to your house.

Nowadays, backsplash design has been more creative and stylish than in the past. Today, a wide range of backsplash ideas have become famous, like natural stone, glass, marble, etc. 

And now, if you are finally going to remodel your kitchen, take a brief look at the backsplash ideas that Devina Home Design has listed to make your house extraordinary. Why We Need a Kitchen Redesign? 


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 1- The Best Tile for Backsplash 


As you may have heard, a tile backsplash is an excellent option for kitchens. In addition, tile for backsplash is great for households who look for warmth texture in their houses. 

Backsplash tiles allow you to have a functional and beautiful kitchen at the same time. As they are the best options, most of the backsplash options are among this group. 

Now let’s go through the best kitchen backsplash tiles for 2021.

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Peel & Stick Tiles

Choosing peel & stick tile for your kitchen backsplash gives you several benefits. First, they are so easy to install. Moreover, they offer you a wide range of designs and colors, so you can choose the best one and create a better home’s appearance. 


Glass Backsplash Tile

For creating a modern kitchen, choose glass tiles for your kitchen backsplash. Also, they are great for small kitchen ideas as they create a bright look and make your kitchen bigger. Another great advantage is that their color will never vanish even if you use harsh cleaning solutions. 

But make sure you love the glass tile you have chosen before applying them. 

Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

Want stylish decorations in your kitchen? Porcelain and ceramic tiles are great options. Various styles and patterns allow you to pick tiles that fit your kitchen’s decor and color scheme. 

They have a wide range of costs so that you can choose the suitable one according to your kitchen remodeling budget. 

Worried about destroying your kitchen backsplash by water damage? Ceramic and porcelain tiles can stand up to water even if they are splashed.


Mosaic Tile

However, mosaic tile has been one of the great ideas for backsplash in years; it has become trendy in 2021, which will continue in the following year. 

The whole idea behind the mosaic tile is to use smaller backsplash pieces instead of a large ones. Its small pieces create fabulous colors and give your kitchen a unique look.

When it comes to mosaics, you have tons of options to choose from, from geometric shapes to the traditional style.

Subway Tile

A classic backsplash tile for kitchens is subway tiles.

It offers fantastic advantages, including low prices, easy installation, and a wide range of colors.

Also, they can be used in any kitchen style behind stoves, sinks, and other kitchen appliances. 


Marble Backsplash

Close up of marble textured tiles

One of the most significant advantages of marble backsplashes is matching with marble countertops.

Marble tile backsplashes are easy to clean and wipe down, but they can be costly. 

A marble backsplash can look very elegant and stylish but requires constant maintenance. This backsplash idea, with its unique color, gives a gorgeous look to your kitchen.


Hexagon Tile

Search for a different traditional subway tile for your kitchen backsplash? Consider using hexagon tiles. Although this classic design has been famous for years, it’s still trendy. Hexagon tile comes in three various sizes: small, medium, and large. Based on your kitchen style and how much you want to be creative, you can choose between its sizes. 

For example, if you want an elegant look, choose large hexagon tiles and pair them with smaller tiles.

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2-Stainless Steel Backsplash

A modern look with an easy-to-clean and resistant to high-temperature kitchen backsplash. Stainless steel backsplash matches your kitchen decor and your appliances. 

On the other hand, they are expensive, and acidic foods can damage their materials. 

3-Natural Stone

Besides reasonable price, using natural stone as backsplashes adds a beautiful look to your kitchen. 

You can be sure you will improve your kitchen if you choose natural stone. But stone backsplash can be stained if you use chemicals to clean them, so they are famous for being hard to clean. 

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4-Quartz Backsplash

Quartzite includes 90% natural quartz and 10% polyresin. People choose quartz backsplash in their homes because of its many advantages.

To be specific, quartz offers fantastic color schemes and designs, whether you want something minimal or luxurious. 

But you should take good care of it to keep it in good condition. To prevent exposing quartz, do not leave your hot pots unattended.

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In Conclusion:

Although tile has excellent options for kitchen backsplash, Stainless Steel Backsplash, natural stone, and quartz are other ideas for 2021. 


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