Why We Need a Kitchen Redesign

Kitchen is each family’s favorite room to design since it is the place that gets the most use. It is the heart of the home and for a good reason, it’s a place that you come to gather and socialize. It is a place that you come to cook your heart out for your friends and loved ones.Designing your dream kitchen in Orange County can be one of the most rewarding tasks that you undertake in a home remodel but since the kitchen is filled with endless design decisions I know that the task can also be really daunting to those who are unprepared.But don’t sweat it.Our top of the line Orange county home remodeling contractors at Devina will help you take care of it.On this guide, I will reveal 6 common mistakes to avoid when remodeling your dream kitchen. So grab yourself some tea or a cup of coffee and let’s get to it.

a Kitchen Redesign is a Great Investment

While considered a significant expense for most homeowners, a kitchen redesign is a great investment idea that can last for many years and can potentially increase the overall value of your property. Therefore, there are a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind  whether you want to do a full kitchen remodel or an inexpensive kitchen redo together with a number of common and costly mistakes you’ll want to avoid in order to save time ,money, stress and to get the most out of your dream kitchen.

Don’t Remodel Your Kitchen for your Neighbor

Dream Kitchen Remodeling for Everyone Except You 

Often homeowners do a kitchen redo with their friends, mothers-in-law and neighbors in mind. They buy tools and appliances they guess will impress others. Thus, they choose custom kitchen cabinets just like the ones their neighbors bought. They go for an expensive tile selection only because their mothers-in-law just did.

You have to bear in mind that your friends and neighbors do not live where you reside. They don’t cook or prepare food in your kitchen,and much less they go through the usual routines in your home.  Needless to say ,you do understand that they won’t pay your invoice when you do a kitchen remodel either.

The point is, don’t design your kitchen for other people – do it for yourself. Create your own dream kitchen .the one you’ll love with the features that most probably benefit you and of course your family. Unless you’re redesigning a kitchen for the purpose of selling your property,turn a deaf ear to what anyone else says about it . In that case scenario,you will want to consider the features within a kitchen that are in public demand, however that’s a totally different story.

Don’t Underestimate the Amount of Storage Needed

“During the planning stages, create a list of your inventory and allocate a space for every single thing. Everything from spice jars, small appliances, cutlery drawers, etc. Having a clear idea of the things you need to store will help keep you on track and keep your kitchen from becoming overcrowded.”

Here is an instance:Since lack of enough counter space is such a common complaint ,it’s quite handy to make it a point of focus when you are performing a simple kitchen addition, cabinet renovation or better yet a full kitchen remodeling..You can’t work with efficiency in a kitchen unless you have a proper counter space, .Speak with your best Orange County home design contractor about the general tips and tricks they have up their sleeve in order to increase your countertop space.Have a look here for some more cool ideas on counter space ideas.

Last but certainly not least,picture clever storage solutions to get the most out of the available space in your kitchen. Here’s another cool example, for small appliances, you could have a corner pull out storage. This will in turn store items out of sight, and at the same time will help the items to be more accessible when needed.

DIY ? Not a Good Option !

DIY Remodeling ?

If you are a fan of DIY , you might be considering some popular kitchen remodels on your own just to save money and time. But hold on.To be quite honest, the chances of making a mistake are far too more than being able to do it right.Keep in mind that undertaking kitchen the whole kitchen designing services will cost you more time and money. Until or unless you are a general contractor, it is highly suggested that you should not undertake the kitchen construction project or kitchen facelift on your own to avoid any kitchen makeover mistake .Just pick up the phone and call the best orange County kitchen cabinet remodelers near you.

Proper Lighting !

Don’t Go Easy on the Lighting:

In a nutshell,”each kitchen remake requires 3 main types of lighting: task lighting, accent lighting, and overall illumination”.

“Task lighting refers to increasing illuminance to better accomplish a specific activity.” Lack of task lighting could make it toilsome to prepare meals,to simply chop vegetables, and even properly use your cooking surfaces.

Secondly “Accent lighting which is also called highlighting.It emphasizes objects by focusing light directly on them” , Improper accent lighting can make your kitchen look dark and/or untrue to life.

Lastly, the overall illumination. “General or ambient lighting is intended to light up a room in its entirety”.Overall illumination is undoubtedly one of the most important lighting factors for everyone whoever’s in the kitchen. Also,you should think about how natural light from your kitchen windows will affect things when considering your lighting setup for your dream kitchen remodel.

“A combination of fluorescent or LED ceiling lights, strip lighting, hanging lights, and track lighting can be used to fulfill a wide range of purposes.”

Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself.

Don’t jump the gun:

“People often put the cart before the horse,” Joe Maykut says. “The homeowner decides to renovate without first defining the goals of the project.”

Make sure to identify how your current kitchen lets you down. Maybe you don’t have enough storage, not that much counter space, or even worse ,an inefficient layout. Perhaps  you’ve never had,however always wanted,an eat-in kitchen. Given the sheer number of details at play, Our top Orange County Devina experts strongly advise working with an experienced professional team. One advantage of working with Devina home design is that our expert coordinators walk you through all the steps involved in the process, from the very planning stages to the final stage of installation.

Don’t Forget Your Budget!

Make no mistake when it comes to kitchen redoing: the approximate cost of  a kitchen remodel won’t be cheap.Remodeling on a budget is an essential part of your kitchen redo. Plan on what features of your kitchen are the most prominent ones , and distribute your finances accordingly. Don’t forget that custom cabinets and kitchen units usually take up about one-third of the typical remodel budget.