what are the 9 latest trends of bathroom remodeling?

2020 was a new experience in our life. The dining room became WFH offices. The Saturday night cocktail gathering happened through Zoom application in living rooms. At last, the bathrooms became a place for retreating and relaxing from the tensions of the day.

Do you feel you require some changes around your home because of this new lifestyle for 2021? Let’s get start remodeling from a relaxation spot: yes, your bathroom.

Bathroom consist of various parts:

Look and get bathroom design idea for each part from these 9 stylish bathrooms:

1) Use dark fixtures

For a long time, grey was the most popular color for faucets and showerhead. This season we are moving to a darker, bolder color. It is astonishing when dark fixtures place in contrast with the snowy expanse of marble.

2) Select a new style for your vanity sink

a) Double- sink vanities

In the morning, everyone is in a hurry; that’s why double basins seem necessary to share the space. Double-sink vanities are the most favorite ones for this purpose.

  • Island Model

In addition to the previous style that is side to side, the new ones are island models. The concept is gotten from Kitchen Island.  Actually, if you select this model, it requires more space and provides more space for storage!

We strongly advise you to consult with an interior designer.

b) Coffee-Table style Vanities

It is the most popular open vanity trend right now. This idea inspires to bring living-room conformity to the bathroom as well.

c) Floated vanity

A designer explains, “suspended sink is a great way to maximize space in a smaller bathroom” (Feldman, Zoe). Wall-mount bathroom vanities come in various configurations, from a complete unit with a countertop, sink, and storage base—like a freestanding vanity without the legs – to partial sets and entirely separate pieces.  “Bathroom storage cabinets can be installed vertically, horizontally, open, closed, higher or lower,” says Bob Gifford, director of business development for Hastings Tile & Bath. With floating vanities, it is easier to clean the bathroom floors.

3) Back-lit Mirror

For having a modern bathroom, a back-lit mirror is an exceptional selection. Aesthetically, when linear lights illuminate, particularly behind the mirror, it allows other elements in the bathrooms to shine brightly. Houzz reported that among every four homeowners three of them (about 77%) install new mirrors while renovating a master bathroom.

4) Put freestanding tub

After dealing one year with the Covid-19 virus, it is no doubt that self-care is at the top of to-do lists for most people. You can create sanctuary at-home for yourself. It is as easy as lighting a candle or pouring a glass of wine. Bring all aspects of tranquility to your place in contrast with the hustle and bustle of daily life with a freestanding tub.

A separate tub and shower is the most popular bath layout. Have this point in your mind that the next evolution in modern bathroom design is an asymmetrical shape. It offers a specific focus in the bathroom.

5) Use Natural Wood

A great way to bring the warmth factor to your bathroom by using a few natural elements like wood. It looks modern in combination with contemporary tile, metal hardware and clean-lined bathroom furnishings. – Also, wood pairs with vintage, and industrial trends. Check out the below pictures showcase the available possibilities to choose a wood tone for your 2021bathroom remodeling.

6) Insert storage

Normally, there is a room that stuff like towels, cleaning supplies, skin care cosmetics are collected. What is the 2021’s ingenious solution for this issue? Add cabinetry into your bathroom for organizing items. You can put all of your neat freaks in compact storage or a shelf. This is promotes minimalist habits.

Designer Linda Hayslett says, “The built-in niche is rising and, space can be at a premium in a bathroom, and the more storage is better. Cabinetry takes up a lot of room, so adding cubby holes can be a fun way to display cute creams and jewelry.”

7)  Open Showers

The open-style shower gets the attention of everybody in the current year. It’s simple, elegant and incredibly modern. Open showers are a great way to save some space, and following a minimalistic design. You can add a shower glass or edge based on the layout of the bathroom. Smokey or golden colors, and a fluted texture as the last touch will make it more attractive.

8) Smart Toilets

In post- Pandemic home, smart toilets and bidets will find a prominent place is reported by The National Kitchen & Bath Association. “Toilets have traditionally been a gross nuisance to clean, but there are several worthwhile advances in this category that make them easier and healthier to live with,” writes wellness design consultant Jamie Gold in her book Wellness by Design.

Smart toilets consist of hands-free parts, as self-closing lids and touch-free flushing. This will reduce interactions with germy surfaces. It also has self-cleaning feature technology.  “This includes bacteria-killing light under the lid, interior mechanisms that do the cleaning for you, and cling-free bowl surfaces,” writes Gold.

Smart toilets eliminate the nooks and exposed more traditional models because they tend to favor clean lines, smooth surfaces, and wall-mount installations. This makes cleaning the exterior easier either.

Watch this video to see how they work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOpgmh_VetM

9) Bathroom Tile

As you hear word the “tile,” the first thing that reminds you is the bathroom. It is very trendy over time because of its easy-to-clean and water-resistance nature. Miller, a designer, said, “2021 will bring us many gorgeous and interesting applications of tile and stone”. One of the tile’s patterns is hexagon tiles which have a unique and complex shape. Despite all trends that come and go, these are more likely to stay on the scene for years to come.

I hope you get inspired with these new luxurious style and got some bathroom remodeling ideas. It is important to plan everything before you start as bathroom makeover is a great investment in time and money.

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