The Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in Orange County in 2023

Remodeling houses have always been many people’s desire. Mainly, after 2020, people spend most of their time at home because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This situation causes almost all to think about making their house look different, especially their kitchen. Kitchens are called the heart of homes, so knowing the top kitchen remodeling ideas could help those who want to have a modern kitchen.

As you may know, remodeling a kitchen can range from changing color or construction of cabinets, countertops, design, storage, backsplashes, island, and other parts.

Read this blog written by PurpleZ, one of the best marketing agencies in Orange County, to find the five best kitchen design ideas in 2023 to make your houses stunning.

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 1-Colorful Kitchen for Your Kitchen Remodeling

As Hayley Simmons, merchandising head of Magnet, explains: “Colorful Kitchens are set to be a huge trend for 2023.” all colors, particularly red, are the right shade for kitchen remodeling in 2023. The current year is called a year for taking risks by creating new things without fear, such as kitchen design, which will bring life to your kitchens. However, if you have doubts, you can add trendy colors such as red, green, blue to your color scheme without feeling it too much. In this case, combine them with neutral colors such as grey and white could be a fantastic idea for both style and comfort.

Also, consider colorful islands; they are fabulous for 2023.

Stylish combinations of colors in kitchens for 2023

2-Hidden Kitchen Design as a Modern Kitchen Idea

Nowadays, people are more likely to choose items in their kitchen that nobody can see them.

There are plenty of considerable ways to minimize clutter and keep your kitchen super organized, such as countertop storage and built-in cabinets.

Hidden design can be for cabinets, hoods, appliances in drawers. This idea allows you to design stylish shelves for all parts and to have a neat kitchen.

For example, covering your hoods with stunning and integrated coverages can provide your house a generous spirit.

Kitchen designs with concealed hoods 

Kitchen Larders

Designing a place for storing and preserving foods is a type of hidden design in 2023. The kitchen larder is smart storage that can be roomy to put every product in and tiny to take advantage of the small kitchen design. This idea can be useful for any of you who want to find a helpful trend in 2023 to make your kitchen elegant and also to be able to have easy access to all of the food.

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 3-Mix Kitchen Metals for Kitchen Renovation

2023 is not a year to match all the components with each other, including the materials for your kitchen design. Do not restrict yourself to go with only one metal. For example, if you choose nickel for your knobs, it would be a great idea to choose brass or matte for the faucet.

Also, pick out a wide range of different metals for your lighting fixtures too.

 4-Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Kitchen pendant lighting has become more popular among households. Lighting plays the primary role in having a great kitchen. A lovely kitchen is one which has lots of light and transforms a valuable feeling to its members.

Or in other words, great lighting is critical for any kitchen design idea. There are a variety of choices when you regard pendant lighting. Both popularity and diversity in size and layout have made this idea unique for 2023.

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5-Kitchen Wallpaper for Kitchen Design in 2023

Over the last five years, general people have changed their minds about wallpapers, so they have become more popular than in the past. If you are still unsure about your kitchen’s wallpaper layout, you should try a temporary one to change your kitchen’s design with a stylish idea in 2023. Also, in the future, you could remove it easily if you don’t like it.

But it would be best if you did not use it for all the walls; make it unique for one or two to connect your kitchen and other places in your house.

Overall, keep in your mind that every idea could be great but not with an overused attitude.

Ways to Decorate Kitchen With Wallpaper


In 2023, many contemporary and even out-dated kitchen remodeling ideas have become famous among households. But in this blog, we tried to mention the five best ideas for a kitchen renovation for this challenging year.

Consider these ideas to make your kitchen a better place to use:

  1. Colorful Kitchen
  2. Hidden Design
  3. Mix Kitchen Metals
  4. Pendant Lighting
  5. Kitchen Wallpaper


Were they effective? Let us know. Send us an email or comment below.

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