What Are Bathroom Shower Remodel Ideas in Bathroom Remodeling?

Bathroom shower remodel can give your bathroom a glamorous look. Whether the space is big or small, just a proper design will make it possible for you to have a dreamy shower bath. So stay with us and follow the helpful tips below.


Shower-bathtub combination

Choosing a shower-bathtub combination in shower remodeling has two significant benefits; it saves your money and will boost your home retail value. You will have both things simultaneously in one place, so you are free to choose either or both when using the bathroom. Shower-bathtub combo is also an appropriate option for those looking for prefabricated units to install easily.

Let’s know some models of this combination.


Marble shower and bathtub

White marble is a fascinating material for a bathroom. This stone is water-resistant and makes your space look luxurious. Marble has a long history in architecture, especially in making bathrooms. It can be used in different shower remodel styles such as Modern, Classic, Traditional and Contemporary bathrooms. With a white color design, your bathroom looks bigger. If you add a dark wall, you will make it more beautiful and remarkable but still monochromatic and modern. Although, there is a problem in using such stone in the bathroom, which is its slipperiness. You should be careful and use some solutions to make it safe.


Soaking bathtub

Soaking tubs are deep and short, and you can fit them in corners. Even with a small bathroom, you will enjoy a relaxing bath in these types of bathtub-shower combo.

These bathtubs are inspired by their Japanese counterparts, which are often square or round. Their depth will let you submerge in water thoroughly, and that is the ability of all types of soaking bathtubs in any size and shape.


Corner bathtub-shower combo

Having a separate walk-in shower and bathtub is terrific, but it is not a good idea if you have a small space. The Corner bathtub shower combo has solved this problem for you if you have a shower remodel plan. This configuration saves the room for you to use the remaining area for storage and shower.

You can place corner tubs in different styles. Set along a wall or put it at an angle, then place a plant between the tub and the wall. Corner tubs have half-size of traditional ones and can work as a tub or tub and shower combo.


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Glass paneled tubs and showers

Glass paneled tubs and showers can alter the look and even function of your bathroom undoubtedly. If there is a curtain around your tub and shower, remove it and replace it with glass doors, so your small bathroom will look bigger and brighter. Glass shower doors are made of glass pieces mounted to the tub and the walls around it. The glass panels prevent water from splashing around when you are using a tub or shower. Besides, it is suitable for having privacy while you are taking a shower. Another benefit of using these glass panels is that they look so clean, modern, and uncluttered.


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Acrylic rectangular bathtub-shower combo

Rectangular bathtub showers are traditional and the most popular ones. They are in various sizes and offer different solution options. The cast acrylic rectangle bathtub is a good choice as they won’t crack or warp, and because they have a non-porous and high gloss surface, you can clean them easily. Besides, they have antibacterial properties. These bathtubs have outstanding ability in offering unlimited possibilities in shape. So a traditional rectangular bathtub can surprise you when it comes to interior design as it provides depressions, ergonomic and armrests, and to some extent, the perpendicular shape of the sides.


Remodeling your bathroom can affect your resale value besides changing the appearance of the room. So it would help if you considered it when you decide to remodel your bathroom. The shower and bathtub will be a bonus to your house value. So, by choosing the suitable material and an appropriate design, you will enjoy your relaxing time in the bathroom and open up your house to attract potential buyers.

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