Six Important Things Every Parent Should Consider When Deciding on Home Renovation

Renovating or remodeling a home is supposed to be a daunting task. It turns out to be more difficult than expected if you have children-especially a toddler or preschooler- as at every individual step of this process, you must also consider their needs and desires. Only then can provide a safe, secure, and fun environment for the kids at home.

Surely you will agree that indoor and outdoor spaces at homes potentially can cause safety issues for younger family members. However, the good news is that such obstacles are not difficult to overcome. Whether you are preparing your home to welcome a new baby or already have kids and decided to make changes to your home, you only have to follow the below seven tips to ensure your dreamy and, at the same time kids- friendly home.


 1. Semigloss Paint

If your renovation checklist includes painting, we strongly recommend you to use semigloss paint. Kids are all about making a mess, walk around the home while always holding something in their little hands, so it does not take long that food splatters, kids’ handprints, and maybe pens and crayons marks will appear on the walls. Since dirty walls simply can upset parents, semigloss paint is easy to clean and washed up.


2. Baby Gate for Stairs

Baby gates are the best child safety equipment at homes. You can install it at the top and bottom of the stairs without damaging the walls. The baby gate keeps your kids safe from potential falls and injuries.

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  3. Flooring

According to interior design experts, “Vinyl” is the best choice for the home that is expected to provide families with comfort and a friendly environment. This type of flooring is very durable, resistant to water and scratches, and inexpensive compared to other materials. Of course, you can also use area rugs for spaces like the living room and kids’ room that they usually used to sit and play on the floor.


 4. Windows Replacement

Regarding the windows replacement in the home renovation and remodeling process, special attention should be paid to increasing natural light and fresh air. Never forget to install a window guard to prevent any potential kids’ injury. You can find various types of the window out there but “double-hung window” is the great choice for the homes with kids. You can open the top sash to let in some fresh air while keeping the bottom sash closed without being worried about your child’s safety.




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5. Storage

Bear in mind that whenever you decide to renovate your home, the storage spaces must be one of your priorities as a parent. You can add built-in storage to the kids’ room, pick multi-use furniture that can hold different basket sizes to keep your kids toys, clothes, accessories, and other belongings.


6. Outdoor Space

Having a backyard and outdoor space is a distinct advantage for any property. In this case, you can enjoy the benefits of this additional feature and create good childhood memories for your kids.

Based on the available space in the backyard, you can install some games such as swings, slides, and a trampoline. Moreover, you can look into the possibility of building a treehouse if there is an appropriate tree around there. The idea of having a swimming pool sounds exciting to everyone in the family. By making these changes throughout the renovation project, your backyard will turn into a magical place that the kids will entertain there for long hours while enjoying outdoor activities. Needless to say, that child safety and happiness must come first.



And as the final word, let your kids participate in this process, ask them to share their ideas and notions with you. Be sure these little but brilliant minds have great expectations and thoughts.

Now it’s your turn; what’s your suggestion to make a home space more friendly and appropriate for kids? Share your approaches in the comments below.




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5 Things to Consider When Renovating or Designing a Kid-Friendly New Home