2023 home remodeling cost reduction: 25 helpful tips

Home remodeling projects that require considerable investments can be intimidating because they can include unexpected obstacles such as budget cuts or setbacks, both of which can be frustrating when you want the project to end and return to your routine.


On the other side of the coin, investing in an update or renovation can boost your home’s value and useability. A new design, more room, and updated appliances will all make it more convenient (and add value to your home).


Compared to the USA’s average kitchen remodelling cost of $21,649, the cost of converting a bathroom in 2023 will be about $6,642. Therefore, remodelling a home might overburden the homeowner with a lot of expenses. Discover how to find low-cost materials and work with a professional contractor for the best value, regardless of your project.


Renovation projects usually end up over budget, causing delays and disrupting daily life. It’s relatively uncommon to find unforeseen costs, uncertainties, and other pitfalls.

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The Best Way to Achieve the Makeover at Affordable Price

We have managed and overseen countless renovation projects that involved designers, contractors, and engineers through the years. Here are some ideas and observations we have gained from those experiences.


As much as possible, try to stay within a reasonable budget.


We encourage you to establish a budget before you start working. By doing so right away, you can avoid a lot of hassles later.


The numbers can be tricky since you’re almost certainly encountering unanticipated costs as with any large project. So, it’s best to know you’ll need more funding than you initially expected to achieve your goals. To prevent any unexpected charges on your end, I suggest introducing a 20% buffer upfront.


Have you ever bumped into the wrong wall or broken a pipe? When you’ve dealt with that initial worry, that buffer will be helpful.


After setting a budget, it is vital to stay within it. The moment your project gets underway, adding little extras here and there can seem inconsequential at first, but that is how many projects can go over budget. From my experience, I’ve learned a universal truth about home improvements: Every little thing adds up.


Being disciplined about budgeting is essential. Avoid spending money on upgrades that were not initially planned.



25 helpful tips for your home remodel costs

Before starting a remodeling project, it is more economical to start over or destroy and rebuild. Doing that can help you compare your alternatives.


You should also inquire about testimonials if you choose to hire a contractor. Don’t hesitate to ask for an estimate and an example of their work. It’s important to know what you’re getting. 


We’ll discuss some expenses you may want to consider.


  1. Be Aware of Your Limitations 

Remodeling shows have often inspired people to tackle this feat themselves. DIY enthusiasts often reduce their expenses and grow in pride when they complete a project on their own. It’s essential to understand what you can manage compared to what should be left to an expert. A project can quickly become a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing.


  1. Keep in Mind Your Family’s Routine.

Be sure to ask your contractor as much information as possible about their work time. If you’re often a do-it-yourselfer, you’re likely to live with a project on the go and disturbing. Choose a time that will minimize inconvenience to your family or the contractor.


Children’s involvement can be an excellent learning opportunity, but it can be dangerous as well. Make sure your children are aware of their age and safety precautions. Also, consider the safety of your pets.


Establish a remodeled area in your house (if possible). It will allow you and your family to relax and escape the confusion of remodeling.



  1. Take Advantage of Special Offers.

Another option is to seek bargains before you begin renovating. Let’s assume you know you want to remodel your kitchen. Look for discounts on worktops, kitchen island installation, and new windows. Arrange the rest of your makeover according to the bargain you buy.


  1. Count on the Unanticipated.

As most renovations incur unanticipated costs, you may have to borrow money to cover the overpayments if you don’t have the funds available. However, the interest rates on loans will be much higher than those on a traditional loan. 

Please get the latest information on home improvement loans and their interest rates.


  1. Do not Relocate the Plumbing

Organize your renovation around the piping that is already in place. Relocating drain pipes can cost up to $2,000, according to MSNBC. Installing or relocating power outlets is also expensive.


  1. Don’t Stray from Standard Sizes

Be sure to purchase supplies in standard sizes rather than bespoke pieces, which are typically more expensive. For instance, RemPros estimates that customized kitchen cabinets can cost 60 to 80 percent more than stock cabinets.


  1. Purchase Replicas 

In the case of fresh goods, buy counterfeits or replicas since they’re cheaper. Solid oak hardwood flooring costs $14.26 per square foot at Lowe’s but engineered oak flooring costs $2.98, and the cost difference isn’t significant.

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  1. Buy Cheap Materials

Purchasing items from secondhand businesses such as the Habitat OC for Humanity ReStore, which has around 400 locations across the country, can save you money. Contractors usually charge fees to place items, and others may charge delivery fees. Sites like eBay, Craigslist, and Freecycle allow you to find free or inexpensive materials online.


  1.  Join Construction Material Auctions.

The materials available at construction auctions are far cheaper than what is available in home improvement stores. Ensure you know the value of the items for sale and set a limit for how much money you want to spend before attending an auction. A bidding war can cost a lot of money when you get sucked into an auction.


  1. Ask for Leftover Supply

You will almost certainly get a good deal if you get the contractor’s leftover supplies from previous works off his hands. Even if they aren’t exactly what you needed, you will certainly save money with his surplus materials.

Haul Supplies Yourself

It can be costly to have the store deliver your materials. To save money, rent a vehicle. Home Depot trucks are rented by the hour. In Orange County, an hour of renting a car costs about $15.


  1. Get Rid of Old Stuff without Paying for It

The cost of sweeping up outdated materials might be high if you are remodeling a large area. You might need to rent a dumpster if you’re remodeling an entire room. Contact Habitat OC for Humanity instead. All salvageable items will be picked up free of charge, and you will receive a tax break.


  1. Keep the Granite Simple.

Granite countertops are appealing, but they are also quite costly. If you’re set on having granite countertops, combine them with an inexpensive backsplash. For instance, you could choose one that matches your granite countertop.


Granite tile = $21.42 each at Lowe’s

Ceramic tile = $0.21 each

Total savings = $21.21 per tile



  1. Dismiss Fashion Trends

Fashion trends come and go, so stick to simple designs. For example, a primary drop-in sink costs $97.00 at Home Depot versus $213.23 for an American Standard model.


  1. Invest in Cabinets and Save

Saving money is possible when it comes to your kitchen remodel when it comes to your cabinets. Install new cabinets yourself if you’re getting new ones. Paint your existing cabinets for a new look. Changing wood cabinet doors with glass can also save money.


  1. Replace Skylights and Windows with Solar Tubes.

A solar tube is created using a metal tube between the roof and ceiling that works as a mirror, reflecting light into the space below. It is inexpensive, compact, and efficient alternatives to windows or skylights.


  1. Use Downlight Sparingly

There is no doubt that downlights are attractive, but they are also expensive. Homewyse predicts that having six correctly fitted downlight systems would likely cost $714 to $1,415 in my region. On the other hand, ceiling light fixtures typically cost $147.50 to install.


  1. Locate an Appropriate Contractor

If you are looking for an off-season contractor, begin your search right after the holiday season, when the contractor is in desperate need of work. Next, start comparing quotes. To find what is best for you, get three different quotes.


It is critical to take other considerations into account, as well. A contractor’s reputation, competence, and other factors are all equally important to consider. Getting the best deal is most important, rather than the cheapest.


  1. Perform Minor Tasks on Your Own

It is not uncommon for remodeling estimates to cover everything from consulting to cleanup. You can reduce remodeling costs even if you aren’t handy by handling some of the smaller tasks yourself. If you have enough time, ask the contractor if you can do some of the washing, painting, and deconstruction functions yourself if you have enough time.



  1.  Collaborate with the Contractor

If you’re a man of all work, you may have even more savings by doing large tasks yourself. Often, functions like adjusting the floor layout, installing appliances, or installing crown molding do not require extensive training. Have you ever thought of doing larger tasks yourself? A Lowe’s Video Center explains various home improvement changes and offers guidance on hundreds of projects.


If you want to get involved, help Habitat OC for Humanity out for a weekend. While working with expert contractors, you will learn everything from roofing to flooring.


  1. Invest in a Mentor

Hire a coach to accompany you if you are uncertain whether you can complete the project independently. Contractors often offer this service at a discounted rate, allowing you to save on your construction costs. With the assistance of an electrician, you can install a downlight in your home at significant savings and learn a new skill as well.


  1. Consider a Makeover Rather than a Renovation.

It may be more economically sensible to reuse items you already have instead of purchasing new ones. For example, one customer painted her brass chandelier instead of replacing it when redecorating a few years ago. Spray paint costs around $2.50 per can for chandeliers. Chandeliers can cost anywhere from $50 to hundreds of dollars.  


You can improve the lighting and cabinets in your home with a bit of sanding and painting by evaluating what you already have.


  1. Take Advantage of Appliance Savings

Consider these tips to save money when replacing large appliances as part of your remodeling project.


  • Look for dent and damage – You may be able to save 10% to 20% if you purchase a pre-scratched model. 
  • Buying at the right time – Appliance stores often run significant sales during the holidays or when new products are released every year (late September and early October).
  • Try purchasing second-hand – On Craigslist or similar sites, you can find gently used appliances. Skip the warranty – Most people never use their extended warranties.

You can save money on appliances by using these simple methods.



  1. Array the Priorities

Prioritize improved renovations that will reduce your monthly expenses. Compile a list of all the upgrades you can afford right now, like energy-efficient appliances, ceiling fans, and double-glazed windows. These are updates that are of great value.


  1.  Renovate Gradually

Your shopping list doesn’t need to be limited to things you have the money to purchase right now. Set aside enough money to buy one thing from your wish list at a time. For example, start with the staircase, which is eye-catching at the beginning of the entrance, and it could be a combination of modernity and classic, 


As a Final Word

It may be intimidating to remodel your home, but it can also be rewarding. Remodeling can significantly enhance the wow effect of your home, increasing its worth and winning the admiration of friends and family alike.


Unless you have a massive budget upfront and the willpower to stick to it, there are various methods for renovating your house on a budget. Setting a reasonable budget, sticking to it, and implementing these cost-saving methods will succeed in your renovation.


We compiled tips, tricks, and advice from plan to clean up to help you save money on home remodels. How did we do? Let us know here what remodeling tips you have.




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