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10 Easy Ways On Using Modern Kitchen Color For Everyone Needs To Pick Up Today

Among the most popular kitchen styles, modern kitchen designs emphasize clean lines and brilliant colors. The lack of other aesthetic elements makes colors in a modern design shine out. Consider two contemporary kitchen style precepts when choosing your modern kitchen colors by focusing on two contemporary kitchen style precepts: contrast and harmony. Your imagination can help you come up with a design that you’ll like. In the recent post, you will find ten easy ways to successfully incorporate color into modern kitchens.

Devina Home Design, a leading expert in how to modernize your kitchen, suggests one or more of the following practical ways on modern kitchen color you can choose from.

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Ten practical ways on using modern kitchen color

When your kitchen looks worn but you’re not quite ready to embark on a complete kitchen remodeling, perhaps a modern kitchen color would do the trick. It is possible to forgo the significant renovation and still love your kitchen a couple of times over with just a minor color change in the palette.

1. Make A Contrast.

Modern kitchens are characterized by their contrast. NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) points out that cabinets, countertops, appliances, and lighting contribute to the aesthetic appeal of modern kitchens. Think of this point when exploring ways to create contrast. The most common colors for kitchens are neutrals combined with contrast. Recognize that not every surface needs to be unique. If you want a distinctive difference, you can use two colors for the upper and lower cabinets. Select the same deep gray color for your walls and cabinets, then choose a countertop that contrasts with it.

It doesn’t imply that color cannot be captivating because it’s medium and doesn’t stand out dramatically. Combining two or more neutrals and emphasizing the differences between them is intriguing. The colors shine out by contrast with the rest in this manner.

When placed near each other, dark and light colors make a striking contrast. However, if you want a more subtle change in tone, concentrate the extremes in separate areas.

Backgrounds With Contrasting Colors

Due to the large gray unit in front of it, the vibrant yellow wall would appear highly overwhelming. Since only a small portion is seen, it looks fantastic and adds excitement to the kitchen.

Accentuate The Walls With A Contrasting Color

Adding color to a room with cabinets, appliances, and open spaces is difficult when painting the kitchen because of the large variety of colors available. Adding an alternative wall color outside the kitchen can be a simple and attractive way to change the room’s atmosphere.

You can choose a wall in the kitchen that has a dramatic contrast. It can be the wall in the kitchen hallway, the far wall in the nearby dining room, or even the laundry room. Small accents on the adjacent walls can create a dramatic effect.

Light Gray With Brilliant Yellow

Grey and yellow are two hues that complement each other beautifully. Gray is dull and uninteresting, and yellow is vibrant, colorful, and vigorous. They make an excellent match.


2. Strike The Right Tone

When dealing with different colors, percentages are crucial. A kitchen might have a core color and another color, but it’s not the only choice. The 70/20/10 rule (or the 70/30 rule for two-color kitchens) is helpful for modern kitchen color selection because the color is often the most visible aspect of the room. This rule can be applied in several ways depending on the colors in the room. It is choosing a primary color for 70% of the kitchen and a supplemental color that is more striking for the remaining 10%. Add a third tone to balance the other styles; this color should account for roughly 20% of your overall color scheme.

Look at the context in which those colors are utilized, and then apply this rule to surfaces and other visible areas. For example, you can divide it by cabinetry, walls, and backsplash, or cabinets and walls, island, and décor. Think about the bar stools, lighting, and appliances you will use in your modern kitchen when choosing the color scheme.

To begin, select cabinet colors. Kitchen and bath designers tend to prioritize cabinet colors since these finishes are both aesthetic and cost-effective.

3. Make Use Of Psychology

Is your kitchen a place where you go to feel energized and refreshed? Or is it a place where you unwind and rebuild yourself? A kitchen’s color scheme can have a profound effect on more than just its appearance. The use of color establishes the tone for a space, whether used effectively for a significant impact or as a subtle element of intrigue.

Kitchens are still more than just cooking areas, and the modern kitchen colors you pick should reflect what you intend for the space to do. You may feel energized by reds and yellows, while soothing blues and greens help you focus. Each color has a different tint. Vivid colors, such as Kelly green, energize, while delicate colors, such as pistachio, calm. Lighter colors are also more cheerful and energizing.

Tan & Aquamarine (Wood).

It’s hard to beat aqua and sand (look no further than a beach). Aqua still lends character and warmth to a modern kitchen, as different hues appear on the backsplash and worktops. With its vibrant colors, wood brings instant balance. The aesthetic is eye-catching without being ostentatious.

Seasonal Colors: White, Teal, And Wood.

There are kitchens with wood but not integral components of the color scheme; we’ve already seen examples of this. However, the wood tone and color play an essential role in elevating and softening the glossy, almost clinical aspect of white and teal. Sand is a perfect color for a modern kitchen with a simple, streamlined style. Its light tones are evocative of ice and water, and they complement warmer natural tones beautifully.

An earthy, clean, streamlined color scheme is ideal for any modern kitchen.

It is vital to have a variety of blue hues in this striking color palette to look more sophisticated and not like a kids’ playroom. The vividness of this kitchen is tempered by a generous dose of white in the corner, which creates a wonderfully cheerful environment.


4. Apply Monochromatic Appearance

Almost every kitchen design features an all-white color scheme, including modern kitchens. According to the 2019 NKBA pattern analysis, 52 percent of modern kitchens were white or shades of white. The choice of colors for contemporary kitchens isn’t limited to tones, though they are trendy. Monochromatic schemes have become more popular recently. The colors are all blue, red, and yellow, but the values and tones differ from dark, mid-tone, and light blue. Use material and textures to add contrast throughout the kitchen. Combine a textured wall tile with a transparent backsplash, matte paint, or lacquered cabinetry.

Kitchen Color Palette In Greys

Monochromatic color schemes can be used in any room, including the kitchen. If you are going monochromatic, be sure to modify the color’s shade, tint, shine, and surface. Observe how the floor, cabinetry (upper and lower), counters, and lighting fixtures all have different shades of grey. Used together, they result in an exciting look, which has a lot of aesthetic character.

5. Play With The Color Wheel

Greys, beige, white, blue, black, and sepia tones are at the top of the NKBA’s modern kitchen color options list. However, every hue is possible in contemporary kitchen design due to its versatility. In complementary color schemes, contrasting colors, such as blue and orange or yellow and purple, are paired. These color combinations are not common in traditional kitchen designs.

When it comes to tiny accessories and decor items, matching hues are pleasing even if you don’t want to use the 70/30 strategy.

6. Brighten Up Your Life With Vibrant Colors

Modern kitchens feature bright hues (such as chili-pepper red instead of a murky burnt orange), so you can pick the darker, more vibrant colors near the end of the sample card without fear of making mistakes. A few years ago, jewel tones were on the rise, and now you can find emerald green surfaces everywhere. However, pastels, black, deep blue, and even violets have also gained popularity. Many modern kitchens lack pastels. Elegant lines and dark contrasts enable even gentler tones to stand out yet be right at home.


7. Use Visible Surfaces

Chrome, polished brass, and other surfaces that reflect light are typical in modern fixtures and fittings. When choosing modern kitchen colors, take into account how the color will look in a high-gloss finish. Brilliant metals can be used as lighting fixtures, chairs, and accessories.

While the colors themselves can be pretty plain, the finishes are rich. The key to creating a refined look is incorporating texture and experimenting with different materials. Even though the color choice is muted, you still have to notice how beautiful this décor is.

Highlights In Metal.

For a stylish kitchen, consider using metal highlights such as stainless steel or other metals. Appliances, decor, and fixtures in the kitchen can quickly become essential parts of the room’s overall theme.

8. Add A Backsplash To Your Kitchen

In addition to the large tiles and block backsplashes that are popular at the moment, the thin grout lines and complementing rather than contrasting grout complete a modern kitchen look; backsplashes are situated in the kitchen at a practical, elevated, midrange location. An excellent way to add color to a room with plain cabinets is to make the backsplash a connection between different-colored upper and lower cabinets.

Blue Of Cornflower

The Midwestern tone looks even more cheery when paired with patterned tile. Install the tile straight up for a backsplash that won’t fade away.

9. Embrace Nature

The popularity of wood cabinets in modern kitchens is attributed to their ability to heat the chilly surfaces of the design. Consider elegant natural accents like leather and skins, rattan, marble, and minerals when integrating wood cabinets. Keep in mind that It’s essential to make organic connections and flows between colors that don’t naturally go together.

Natural Wood With Neutral Colors.

If you use wood as a design element for your kitchen, you may use it for flooring, furniture, and several other items to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. To bring out its beauty, pair it with neutral tones.

10. Surprising Uses Of Modern Kitchen Color

There’s no doubt that a fresh coat of paint can make a place seem entirely different. What if you painted a previously unseen area of your kitchen? Painting the edges of the kitchen island, the backsplash, or the ceiling, for example, could be beneficial. Choose modern kitchen colors like mint green, soft aqua, or butter yellow for a kitchen island. Go with a splash of color for a backsplash like poppy red or olive green. A sky blue or peach ceiling will make the room seem floating.

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The Bottom Line

Adding modern kitchen color is a great way to spruce up your kitchen. No renovations and buildings are needed. It’s only necessary to apply a fresh coat of paint. There are so many ways to use the stunning modern kitchen colors above. We have compiled ten ideas to get you started, from blues and reds to grays and greens. Our favorite colors to help inspire you regardless of what color choice you make-or if you’re stuck for ideas. Which way Do you think is more helpful? Please share your thoughts with us.



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