Top 6 Ways To Think About The Kitchen Island Ideas For Small Spaces In 2022

The kitchen island is a versatile and helpful component of any kitchen. Even the tiniest kitchen island can serve a multitude of purposes. You can receive kitchen island ideas for small spaces for more inspiration, no matter what the size of your kitchen is.

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If you are looking for tiny kitchen island ideas, look for ones that adhere to the following five principles:

  • Additional counter space is created.
  • It can be used as a meal counter or a place to eat.
  • Drawers, shelves, and hooks provide extra space.

Kitchen Island Size Guidelines

A low-profile, backless bar stool can be tucked under the overhang on at least one side of the kitchen island if it has a shelf where knees can be tucked in.

Once you decide to add a kitchen island, how large should it be? According to The Architect’s Studio Companion: Rules of Thumb for Preliminary Design, provide 36″ or 42″ wide aisles if your island faces an appliance door.

Adding an island to a kitchen in the middle or surrounding an L-shaped kitchen is an excellent addition.

Consider buying or building a kitchen island that can be folded, hidden away, or relocated as required. You don’t have to buy or build one from scratch if you don’t have the space. Go through our best kitchen island new designs, small kitchen island ideas, and kitchen island pictures. Several small kitchen island options may fit better into your little space than a fixed cabinet element.


Top Kitchen Island Ideas For Small Spaces

This versatile, multi-functional piece of furniture can be used for various tasks, from a large cooking area to a dining area to a mail drop-off. However, you do not need a large outdoor kitchen to accommodate this countertop. Those with the smallest kitchens still have plenty of options. Even a tiny island can add convenience and more storage space. Here are some of the best options for small kitchen islands ideas.

We have gathered some of our favorite little kitchen island designs

  • Embrace Utilitarianism.

Narrow dimensions of stainless steel surfaces (combined with their inexpensive cost) make them an excellent alternative to kitchen islands in small kitchens. For a less utilitarian look, the work tables can be fitted with a butcher block top.

  • Butcher Block Kitchen Island

A lot of images of kitchen islands include butcher blocks, which are lovely island options. The table is prepared for kitchen use, and you can usually construct a food counter using several stools.

Take a look at these kitchen island photos. Many of them feature butcher blocks, which are an excellent island choice. The table is fully functional, and you can usually construct a food counter by adding stools.

  • Using Restored Furniture To Make An Island For The Kitchen.

A great kitchen island idea for a small space is to repurpose a furniture item into an island. Couch tables, for instance, fit behind sofas or in entryways. They are an excellent alternative to kitchen islands, as they come in various sizes and styles and are usually about 30″ high. An old cabinet or antique can also be used as an island. Try to find one with lots of storage, shelving, and drawers.

You can opt for a tile-on-tile style if you’re looking for something a little more antique. To make the center of your home the ideal blend of old and new, complement the fun design with contemporary touches.

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  • A Rolling Kitchen Island With The Storage

One of the most effective kitchen island designs for small spaces is to design one that fits into the proportions of the entrance of the existing kitchen if there is a place to store it. Still, if you’re constructing a kitchen, you may want to include a closet that can be pulled out and used as an island or extra counter space.

  • Stand-alone Island With Seating

The free-standing island with seating will serve as a versatile piece of furniture in your kitchen. It can be used as a counter, but you can transform it into a party area and a kitchen table by adding bar stools.

  • Wine Rack On Kitchen Island

After looking at a lot of kitchen islands, this is one of the designer’s favourites. Adding a wine rack to your island or dressing it up as an island will double its functionality. Your budget and space will determine whether you do either of these things.


  • Embrace The Challenge

You can place an island parallel to the cabinets or a wall if there is not enough space in the middle of your kitchen for one. It will give you additional counter space and bar seats.

  • Kitchen Island With Two Levels

By combining your island and dining table, you save money. If you only have space for one, why not implement a component that can be utilized as both a kitchen island and dining table. When not in use, drop-leaf tables can be folded up to accommodate large groups.

Even a small kitchen island can become the centrepiece. Surprising details, like bar seats, can provide a strong visual impression. Make your area appear larger by choosing a marble kitchen island that seems to cascade.

  • An Island With A Drop Leaf For a Classic Kitchen Design.

Creating additional storage space in a kitchen is accessible through the use of a drop leaf. When not in use, the leaf can e popped up and be lowered for easy access.

Alternatively, you can attach the drop leaf to the end of a kitchen cabinet or kitchen wall and use it as additional counter space or as a snacking cubby when not in use.

  • White Colour for the Kitchen Island

White islands stand out the most while viewing pictures of kitchen islands. White is an excellent color for lightening up a small space, so if it is necessary for your small kitchen, consider it white to make it appear more spacious!


  • Terrazzo Is A Nice Touch

The terrazzo tile in your kitchen island will eliminate monotony and predictability. Large chunks of colorful Italian marble are used in the remark material for a more striking look, thereby encouraging organic patterns.

  • An Island For Storage In The Kitchen

Invest in a kitchen island with built-in storage to maximize the use of your small space. Those portions can be used to store dishes or small items that aren’t used frequently. Provide decorative accents by placing the items in pretty boxes.

Choosing a kitchen island with covered knobs and hidden drawers for covert storage is an excellent way to ensure you will always have room.

  • A Traditional Kitchen With A Rolling Island And Marble Floors

No matter what island you choose, adding high-quality wheels will increase the island’s mobility. Look for wheels made of high polyurethane with a latching barrier to prevent the island from rolling.

When you’re not cooking, a kitchen island takes up valuable floor space. Choose an island with wheels, or attach wheels to the one you already have, so you can move it to a pantry or side and keep your kitchen cluttered-free.


  • Darken Your Surroundings

Learn how to save money slyly and effortlessly with black quartz countertop granite. This underutilized countertop will not only help you save some money, but it will also be easy to maintain and conceal dust.

To revamp your kitchen island, replace your old sink faucet with something more vibrant. To create a harmonious design, choose a color that compliments the elements in your room.

  • Think About Getting A Console.

Whether you opt for a parsons table or a marble-topped design, a console table will act as a compact island in a small kitchen and add elegance and additional prep space.

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  • Modernize Your Small Space With Island

The kitchen is a great place to spend time with your family and friends. Install a cozy modern island, especially in a small space, to make your parties more enjoyable.

  • Modern Kitchen With Island

Keep your kitchen looking modern with a new kitchen island. It can be straightforward, consisting of just a streamlined table in the center of your small kitchen. Trendy lighting above the island adds life to the space.

  • Observe A Hovering Island For Inspiration

With its modern design and sharp lines, this island is sure to become the envy of many. A hovering design will let your island float above the floor, giving it a unique and stunning appearance. Its floating surface, which has no stability over the cabinets, will elevate your kitchen to new heights. It is an attractive, basic style with only a few cabinets (if storage is not a priority).

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How To Design A Perfect Kitchen lsland For Small Spaces

If you want a kitchen island appropriately designed, you may have to be sensible. Of course, this implies you have to hire a professional. To save you money, we’ll give you some tips on what to do and what not to do.

You ought to

  • Determine The Dimensions In Advance:

Having the right size island will depend on the size of your kitchen. Though it seems obvious, many homeowners make this mistake. It will create a barrier for walking if too big, and if too small, it will feel cramped.

  •  Create A Cozy Seating Area:

At the absolute least, 300 mm excess should be allowed for seats (900 mm is the standard height). Some specialists recommend 1000 mm, but this is usually reserved for dining, so this is ultimately a personal choice. Also, consider how many seats you will need (2 or 3). However, remember that the island is designed for perching and casual dining.

  •  Utilize Contrast:

Compared to the most kitchen, the island’s worktop should be different in color. To make your island stand out, paint it a contrasting shade. If you prefer a more natural aesthetic, marble countertops are a good choice. However, there is one requirement: the color must remain constant across the room. It is because the contrasting color is currently the most popular.

  • A Yearning For Space:

Adding drawers, gates, or open shelves to the island is an excellent way to provide more storing space as well as aesthetic appeal.

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You ought not

  • Take It Out Of The Objectives:

A kitchen island has five main functions: storing, cooking, presenting, and cleaning. Before you commit to the design, you should decide what the island’s purpose is. Many people give the island a blank check, which leads to a disaster later on when they try to use it.

  • Impede The Workload:

The island should be your center of attention, and furniture should be arranged around it. Cabinets, sinks, dishwashers, and other appliances should be easily accessible from the island. Because of this, don’t forget to consider how you will maneuver around the kitchen.

  • Imitate:

If you use ideas to unlock your creativity, don’t duplicate them because that will make it look too similar. Instead, try adding a particular flair to express yourself.

  • Forget About Electricity:

As many homes include islands for food preparation time, you should ensure an outlet is installed. The outlet should be large enough to accommodate your mixer and food processor. It is no surprise that proper plumbing is also necessary if dishwashers are included.

  • Skip Out On The Financial Aspect!

It is not unusual for the cost and expectations of constructing a kitchen island to be at odds. It is more likely that you will spend more on labor and countertops. But to be honest, you don’t have to pay a lot on your kitchen island.

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Last But Not Least

You don’t need to compromise on functionality because of your small kitchen as well as there is no need to build or purchase a kitchen island from scratch. Even a small kitchen island will bring additional functionality. Instead, pick one of the simple designs mentioned above and start preparing. Also, keep in mind that the simpler the design, the more attractive the outcome will be.

What do you think about our list? Keeping it concise was the goal while including both functional and fashionable choices. However, if you have better suggestions for replacing one or two items, please share them in the comments section below.


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