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34 Actionable Ways To Modernize Your Kitchen With Open Shelves

There is a way to be at the forefront of a creative fad while remaining popular. One such way is with open shelving ideas. It’s so popular that it has made its way into almost every kitchen. As time has proven, people choose to display their kitchenware on open shelves rather than in cabinets.

A cost-effective and straightforward way to modernize your kitchen is to remove upper cabinets and replace them with shelves. In this article, we’ve found 34 unique ways to modernize your kitchen through open shelves.

If you’re planning a complete overhaul or just a simple upgrade, Devina Home Design experts will provide you with this helpful list of open shelving ideas.

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Kitchen Open Shelves

Open shelves can be styled in various ways depending on the decor of your kitchen and lifestyle, even if you are adamantly opposed to the trend. This essay is for all homeowners who have open shelves in their kitchens. Take a look at these 34 available open shelves styles for your kitchen.

1. Choose A Color Scheme For Your Open Shelves

It doesn’t matter if you’re decorating your fireplace, your sofa cushions, or your holiday table settings. Your color scheme is always first on your mind. The same goes for open shelves. Since everything you store on them is visible to everyone, it will benefit your kitchen if the colors blend well. A set of white plates is always a good idea.

2. Offer A Neutral Chance To Your kitchen

In a kitchen with open shelving, neutral colors are a great starting point. White plates, wood chopping mats, and cream-colored or transparent containers make an attractive palette that can be changed according to the occasion or when you’re feeling weary.

3. Introduce A Vibrant Image Splash

If you paint your kitchen white, it will appear great, but it will seem a little dull if you are using nothing but white and clean. Show your gigantic red skillet or give yourself a certain eye-catching in the form of brightly colored dishes. Add a splash of color to your open shelves to make them feel more welcoming.

4. Experiment With Double Tonalities

A two-toned aesthetic provides both vibrancy and soothing effects. White and pastel blue shelves are more delicate than gathered dishes, but your shelves will not look clear-cut in a rustic kitchen.


5. Work With A Variety Of Metals

Mix metals are inevitable in kitchen appliances. Rather than covering them up, why not let them shine? When you bravely combine copper, brass, and stainless steel, you may create a lovely glittering mix.

6. Personalize Your Metal

Metal combinations might irritate your eyes, so go with one metal. Gold embellishments can add a touch of glamour to your kitchen shelves. Stainless steel is modern and sleek, but copper seems old and legendary. Pick what mood you want, and then decorate your metal accordingly.

7. Contrast Textures

Color and texture are important when arranging your bookcase or sofa, which holds for open shelves. Instead of a flat porcelain pattern, you add baskets, a marble serving platter, and a vase.

8. Plants Should Always Be Included

Plants are a global decorating concept that applies to all surfaces, so hanging ones are ideal for open shelving. They’re also suitable for something lacy and hanging that’ll add depth to all shelves, not just the one where the planter is placed.

9. Hang The Artwork

Do you know what else makes open shelves so appealing? Art. Display your most delicate artwork on your open shelves while you’re putting away the dishes. It will also make them look incredibly stylish and Instagrammable.

10. Arrange The Antiques

Do you want open shelving in your farmhouse kitchen, but you don’t know what to buy? Antiques with patterns and patina will accomplish much more than any new plate from Amazon. To avoid cluttering your open shelves with unnecessary things, look for items with unique characteristics and beneficiaries.


11. Make Use Of Non-Traditional Decorations

A well-designed set of open shelves doesn’t just consist of plates and glasses. Consider offering yourself a unique item reflecting your personality. Candlesticks, cookbooks, and wooden dishes can be used to embellish empty spaces. For a genuinely enchanting set of shelves, elaborate as much as you know. Tuvalu is where you may find these items in Orange County.

12. Entertain With Styles

Your open shelves can be quickly and easily transformed into family-pleasing displays by adding a motif. Try tinted glasses with patterns or some ice cream cups with patterns. Choose something both you and your children will enjoy on and off the shelves.

13. Customize It As You Wish

The enthusiastic decor is all about breaking the rules and creating what makes you happy. You can decorate your shelves with your favorite dishware, homemade storage, and that Icelandic candlestick. Put your mom’s rose bowl on display! Make your open shelves a beautiful spot in the kitchen.

14. Change The Peaks Of Your Decorations

In either case, you need to constantly change the size of what’s on display, whether you’re setting up modern shelves or displaying an eccentric beauty. For storage, lines of dishes the same size are fine, but to create interest, have them arranged in an alternating pattern.

15. Adapt Your Décor To The Seasons

Remember to rotate your open shelves throughout the year! Festoon your Christmas tree with wreaths. Display pumpkins in the fall. Display lemonade jugs in the summer. Display flower vases in the spring. Make your shelving match your home’s seasonal decor.

16. Storage Alternative

If you have a small kitchen, open shelves may be used only to store things. Don’t worry about that. Organize all of your drinkware on open shelves for relatively easy reach while you mix cocktails or sip hot chocolate. Transparent glassware will keep things from appearing crowded even if your shelves are filled to the brim.


17. Enter Large Glass Jars With Water

You can fill open shelves with large glass jars to store munchies and cooking materials. This type of shelving will be particularly useful in farmhouse kitchens, as it will make use of wall space in the kitchen in a practical yet appealing way.

18. Use Hooks To Hold Objects

Add hooks to open frame shelves to maximize its storage capacity. Hang your cups, cookware, and other little items to organize them. It is the perfect choice for small kitchens.

19. Utilize Nooks And Crannies

It’s unusual to find open shelves that span only one wall, so round the corner instead. Unlike cabinets, where items are tucked away and forgotten, open shelves corners give you a place to store more giant pans and jugs.

20. Don’t Neglect About Lighting

If you have an open shelf style kitchen with one shelf or all shelves, consider installing sconces as an accent to emphasize your beautiful open shelves against the kitchen cabinetry and brighten the dark regions of your kitchen.

21. Refrain From Congestion

It will appear odd if you pile stuff on your shelves, just like it will seem weird if your shelves are empty. Regardless of the style of your cabinets, if you overfill them, they can make your kitchen look smaller. In a small kitchen, you can still make the most out of your shelves if you are reasonable and tidy when you use them.

22. Use Mirrors In Open Shelves

Mirrors are the best way to create the illusion of more space in a small area, so use them liberally if you have a tiny kitchen and want to use open kitchen shelves to make it more accessible. Those with a more retro aesthetic wish to benefit from the room-expanding features of mirrors in their kitchen.

23. Adorn Beneath Area

While open kitchen shelves save space, it does not imply that you should leave the area beneath your shelves bare. You can place a wooden chopping board against the wall or glass bottles here. You could also use this space to keep live herbs in your kitchen.


24. Put Your Selection On Showcase

Is your open kitchen shelf looking bare? It is a great way to display something you have collected! Do you have a collection of shot cups from all over the world? If you have a group of miniature wildlife figurines, display them on the top shelf! It is also possible to create a rustic-looking kitchen with a collection of bottles and plants.

25. Take A Look At Open Shelves From Afar

When establishing and decorating your wide-open kitchen shelves, one of the most critical considerations is assessing their appearance from afar. As a result, you will not have an inconsistent appearance or feel within your kitchen, significantly if your shelves are extended or divided. If you do this, you will be able to keep your shelves balanced and symmetrical.

26. Organize Your Pantry With Open Shelves

Have you succumbed to the allure of open shelving yet? In addition to the typically open kitchen shelving above your counter area, you might like to think about using the open shelves system to create a pantry. It will help you find those same materials much more quickly! Your kitchen wall could be converted into a pantry by using open shelves.

27. Take Away The Cabinet Doors

Those who are reading this post and are upset about their standard kitchen cabinets need not worry. By eliminating the doors and painting the interior, you can easily create open shelving out of your kitchen cabinet. You just do exactly that with your open style shelving, modernizing it so well you can’t tell that it wasn’t open style in the first place!


28. Begin With A Couple Of Small Open Shelves.

Maybe you’re not quite ready for an open-shelving kitchen just yet. In that case, start small by adding a few strategically positioned shelves where you need more shelving but do not have enough space for a cabinet. Also, you can use open shelves to store the dishes and ingredient jars while keeping the glassware in a cupboard. Also, you can use open shelves to hold the plates and ingredient jars while keeping the glassware in a cabinet.

29. Investigate Other Shelving Options

When you think of shelving, you tend to imagine wooden boards attached to the walls. However, this is not always the case. You can use metal, glass, or both to create unusual shelves. It’s an excellent opportunity to try converting antique furniture, such as a door or a wooden bench, into open kitchen shelves!

30. Put Pieces In Clusters

Organizing your things into clumps may seem counterintuitive, but it will create them more visually appealing. Divide any jars you have into clusters and group any items you have on a shelf in this way. It’s also an excellent place to group any items you have on your shelf. You’re not limited to similar clustering things. You’ll be amazed at how well seemingly disparate objects work together.

31. Display Your Cookware

Open shelves are typically used to display service ware in the kitchen, such as plates and bowls.If your pots and pans aren’t the same, don’t dismiss this concept just yet; you can mix and match your kitchenware with plates for a distinctive look.

32.Construct A Bar

Are you dreaming of a bar in your kitchen but don’t have the space? With open space kitchen shelves, you can quickly and easily build one! All you’ll need is some elegant glasses and a blender. Then you’re ready to go! Perhaps the most suitable place for this concept is next to a sink, but a bar can be placed on any countertop.

33. Arrange Your Shelves Based On Their Usage

Besides paying attention to what you put on your open shelves, you should also pay attention to where you put things. Place the plates and sauces you use every day on a lower shelf that is easily accessible and place the skillet you only use for formal events on the top shelf. Additionally, you can organize your things according to where you will use them, such as storing tea mugs by the water heater.

34. Organize Your Clutter With Baskets

Putting baskets on your open shelves is one of the best ways to keep the trash at bay. Not only can you put whatever you want into them, but you can also tag them for easy access. Baskets can also decorate your shelves if you don’t have any litter to pick up.

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To Sum It Up

A kitchen with open shelves can completely transform the appearance of your kitchen. Open shelves can solve all your storage problems, whether you are looking for them to conserve space or to enable you to be tidier. You can also use many suggestions in this post to rearrange your shelves according to the season. It means your open kitchen shelves will look fabulous throughout the year, no matter how many you implement. Devina Home Design has given you the option to renovate the building in installments to dream of a more attractive home without having to worry about the cost —looking forward to hearing your ideas for your space! Any suggestions or tricks? Drop us a line below or through our social media accounts!




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