Ways to make your kitchen look bigger
27 Practical Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger Next Month

When you walk into a lighter, brighter environment, you feel better, but when dreary and dark surroundings surround you, you feel depressed.

Have a small kitchen that feels poky? No matter your cooking style, there is nothing worse than having a tiny kitchen limiting your creativity. Even though a complete renovation is not in your budget, there are many ways to maximize the space you have and make your tiny kitchen work for you. Professionals at Devina Home Design can give the impression of more space in and maximize every square inch.

In the recent post, we scrutinize twenty-seven ways to make a tiny kitchen look bigger.

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Ways to make your kitchen look bigger

Practical Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

There are several ways to make your kitchen look bigger without having to do a major makeover. Read on for inspiration on cabinetry, color schemes, countertops, and more to make a small kitchen look bigger.

1. Make Use Of Colour

Choosing a different color for your kitchen is an easy and quick way to make it appear larger. White is popular in kitchens, and it is the perfect color for creating a space that seems more significant.

Although you may prefer something brighter, yellow is an excellent color choice for creating a warm, bright kitchen that feels like it is in the country, even if it is in the city.

Nature and serenity are associated with the color green. Trendy shades of green such as teal and pale green are perfect for adding accents to white kitchens. Finish the look with green plants or flower decorations.

2. Incorporate Intricate Forms

Art and interior design are pretty popular right now when it comes to fractal shapes. Using geometric-patterned tablecloths, rugs, blankets, and cushions in your tiny kitchen can generate the illusion of more space, as well as make your kitchen look as though it came directly from an interior design magazine.

It is possible to use patterns in a tiny kitchen to add interest, but be careful not to overdo it; over-the-top ways can seem cluttered and disorganized.

If you want a more extended, taller kitchen, geometric designs can draw your eye vertically or lengthwise. Subway tiles in cities can widen even the tiniest room. The strong lines running between the subway tiles make the kitchen appear more extended and taller.

A geometric floor runner can help you achieve the same look while saving you money if you cannot replace your kitchen tiles.


3. Make Use Of Transparent Elements

Your kitchen will appear more significant if you keep your vision lines open. Your eye will tend to rotate around the room rather than come to a halt if you keep your vision lines broad.

4. Include Mirror

Mirrors can make a room appear bigger, but you’d be surprised how few people use them to illuminate their kitchens.

It can be rather stunning to see a large mirror span one wall, primarily when it reflects a flat table or countertop facing it.

To achieve the same effect, use mirrored splashbacks or mirrored cupboards.

5. Select Surfaces That Reflect Light.

Make your kitchen appear larger by selecting surfaces that reflect light. Not only mirrors but other reflective materials can also help.

Take into account the following issues:

  • Tiles made of glass
  • gleaming floors
  • Paint in a high-gloss finish
  • Appliances made of stainless steel
  • Cabinets with a high gloss finish

6. Choose Open-Shelving

When you remove some cabinet doors, you’ll notice that there is an illusion of additional space. Keeping some storage open will make your kitchen appear more spacious and roomy.

This approach, however, only works if your cupboards aren’t already full. If you have stuffed shelves, it will make the room feel even smaller.

In addition to being stylish and incredibly trendy, copper shelving would also boost the sense of space in your home if you’re naturally clean and orderly.


7. Embrace Minimalism

The minimalist appearance provides extra counter space while also creating the illusion of an even larger kitchen. For better visibility and more extended visibility, keep the aesthetic simple and avoid too much decoration.

Unless there is sufficient space in your kitchen to accommodate all of your belongings, you will have a crowded and small kitchen.

Ensure that your kitchen surfaces are always clean and that all items in the kitchen have a place to be stored, including removing clutter above cabinetry.

By eliminating the need for a kettle, you will save kitchen countertop space by purchasing a steaming hot water tap.

Installing a food waste disposal in your kitchen sink can eliminate the need to use an unattractive food waste container.

8. Select Leaner Cabinets

Light and thin base cabinets have a shallower depth, which allows them to increase floor space while still maintaining their appearance as regular cabinets. Pots and pans can be draped from the ceiling, and utensils can be hung from hooks beneath cabinets if they are bulky.


Ways to make your kitchen look bigger

9. Maintain Neat Lines.

Instead of cabinet handles, make this little area neater and roomier by replacing them with push/click latches or fitting handles on the sides of the cabinets. You won’t snag your clothes on the door handles, which is a problem in a small kitchen!

10. Invest In A Single Sink

The selected kitchen sink is critical when organizing and creating a small kitchen. Take into account that only one kitchen sink is stylish; do not acquire a double sink that occupies a lot of counter space and makes your kitchen look smaller.

Small kitchens benefit from single butler sinks since they offer considerable depth while taking up very little space. Furthermore, if you have an unexpected visitor, you can quickly cover up any dirty plates or debris in the sink.

11. Reduce The Size Of Your Kitchen Furniture.

This compact kitchen feels more prominent due to its slimline, tall cabinetry, and reflections from the small island. To make a small kitchen look bigger, invest in furniture with a small footprint and slim components. Make your room feel roomier by avoiding furniture with large legs or thick outlines.

If you want to make your small kitchen appear more prominent, opt for streamlined seating, delicate bar stools, or a small kitchen island – we have many kitchen island ideas to choose from.


12. Opt For A Small Dishwasher.

Small dishwashers are ideal for small families because they are space-saving. Standard dishwashers have a width of 600mm, but mini dishwashers have a width of only 450mm, saving 150mm and improving the space in a small kitchen.

13. Select A Refrigerator With A Slimmer Profile.

Putting your refrigerator on a diet can be a good idea! Slim refrigerators are perfect for tiny spaces.

Buying more often may require you to adjust your shopping habits, but the food will be healthier as a result. Many foods stored in the refrigerator can be kept outside, such as eggs, vegetables, and bread.

14. Make Appliances Integrated

Integrated appliances have the same door front as the rest of your kitchen, so they are seamlessly integrated. It may take a long time to find your refrigerator, but the kitchen will appear larger and more elegant than if it were a jumble of various designs.


Ways to make your kitchen look bigger

15. Illuminate The Cabinet

Lighting is crucial for a kitchen because the more light comes in, the more spacious it appears. Use skylights or glass doors if you can to quickly enlarge your space.

In addition to lighting behind wall cupboards and at the base of floor units, you can use spotlights for maximum illumination. When picking a lampshade, make sure it does not reduce the quantity of light coming in.


16. Demolish A Wall

Consider opening up an internal wall of your kitchen to make a larger space.

Rather than sacrificing functionality, you can take a wall down halfway and use the remaining half to create a breakfast bar with a table and several stools. Similarly, you can construct storage shelves from a low half wall.

17. Bring The Eye Up

Creating an impression of additional height is another aesthetic strategy that you can use on the walls of a small kitchen. You can add vertical lines, a stunning lighting fixture, or a geometric window or glass dome to make a small room appear larger.

18. Allow The Sunshine To Fill The Kitchen.

When a small kitchen is illuminated with natural light, it appears larger. Remove drapes and shades from the windows, leaving them plain.

19. Add A Horizontal Stripe To Your Design

Stripe wallpaper creates an illusion of space in the kitchen, mainly when it’s used towards the end of a small kitchen. Choose light, delicate colors for stripes in a small room.

20. Make Your Workspace More Arranged.

Adding a microwave to your cabinetry and keeping your oven and cooktop in one area is an excellent way to save space when remodeling your kitchen.

Utilize an appliance garage to store tiny house appliances like a blender and toaster. Bright, spacious, and visually appealing kitchen worktops will instantly transform a room from dull to cozy and inviting.

21. Put Personal Decors To A Minimum.

Adding little details to the kitchen expresses your individuality and makes the room feel cozy; however, too much children’s artwork, funny tourist magnets, and treasure pots on the windowsill will make a small kitchen seem cramped and crowded.

Decorate a shelf with your favorite decorations as well as any framed art you like.

Using a stylish pinboard, chalkboard, or mesh noticeboard instead of a cluttered fridge surface will give your home a sense of order and create more space.

12 ideas on how to turn a small kitchen look bigger

22. Getting In Touch With Nature

If you only have one guest in your house, a tiny kitchen isn’t an issue, but if you have more, you might feel cramped. A small, compact kitchen can be opened up to the outdoors by French doors. Small dining rooms might benefit from a bistro set or a kitchen table with chairs that keep space open.

23. Organize Your Pantry Creatively

In the absence of a dedicated pantry, you can use cabinet inserts to designate a space for storing small kitchen pantry items. Constructed spice shelves are tucked behind French doors behind this upper cabinet to conceal snacks and staples.

24. Keep The Base Cabinets Dark In Color.

You should focus on the ‘darkest’ hue in the lowest third of the area when picking kitchen cabinet colors to maintain a spacious and bright appearance.

It is the perfect tile pattern to complement the blue of the cabinetry, the subtle shading of the marble countertops, and the ivory of the stove hood, chandelier, and ceiling without seeming gloomy.

25. Pale Countertops Balance Dark Cabinetry.

A common myth is that dark and striking cabinetry cannot be integrated into a bright, spacious kitchen. All you need is balance.

It is pleasing to see the subtle shading of the marble within the alcove for the range cooker, and the white marble counters contrast nicely with the jet-black equipment.

As a result, the white walls and ceiling make the space appear more spacious, and the glass-door countertop units allow you to see the colored tableware close-up.

The combination of green and white is always a fantastic choice for any tiny kitchen because it’s such a new color scheme.

Two major tricks make a kitchen look bigger: The triad of white-white floors, white countertops, a white ceiling, and three different shades of green – dark, mid, and pale.


Ways to make a kitchen look bigger

26. Keep The Ceiling White.

You want your kitchen to feel spacious, so leave the ceiling alone if it’s white. If not, paint it white and remove any popcorn ceilings to eliminate sharp shadows and contrasts that make a room feel cramped.

Painting ceilings and removing popcorn textures from a ceiling are projects best left to the professionals; contact a painting or home maintenance specialist assistance to make your kitchen appear more prominent. ​

27. Choose Creative Flooring Options

Make your kitchen look more extensive. Take advantage of your flooring options.

Similarly, the idea of “stripes on clothing can cause an optical illusion that makes you appear taller, shorter, or wider” can be applied to your kitchen flooring. If you have a small compact kitchen, use flooring planks or patterned flooring along the walls to make the room appear larger.

If you would like to make your kitchen look bigger, choose the flooring that extends the entire length of the room. If you would prefer tiles, arrange them horizontally to make them appear more expansive.

The Last Line

This article examined practical ways to make a kitchen look more prominent. We hope you have found it helpful in deciding to have a large kitchen. Would you please tell us which solution you think is the most effective? Share your comments here.



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