Small kitchen remodeling cost
2023 Small Kitchen Remodeling Costs Guide, A Fast Way To Boost Your Home Value

In general, homeowners can benefit from their small kitchen remodeling costs. The kitchen remodeling provides a greater return on investment in providing an attractive, helpful space for preparing meals, hosting guests, and spending time with family. 

A major operation like this requires careful planning since the level of work, kitchen layout, and materials used can significantly impact the overall cost. Devina Home Design pros keep their expense details up to date with a comprehensive guide. 

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Small Kitchen Remodeling Costs on Average

The small kitchen remodeling costs guide focuses on three different scopes of remodeling: small, large, and luxury.

Small Remodeling

Keeping the original size of the kitchen while improving its aesthetics and functionality. Due to the client’s choice of budget-friendly materials and components, the main changes are typically painted, flooring changes, and saving appliances. Even though cabinets are often expensive, simple renovations can save money by refinishing current cabinets or opting for prefabricated, already prepared entry-level cabinets.

Examples of small remodeling include 

Remodeling small spaces can be as simple as refinishing or installing entry-level cabinets.

  • Appliances have been replaced with newer and more energy-efficient counterparts
  • Countertops, kitchen sink, and faucet have all been replaced.
  • New flooring has been installed.
  • Walls that are newly painted

Large Remodeling

Compared with small remodeling, significant remodeling involves a complete kitchen redesign. Lighting, appliances, flooring, and details like a raised sink with complementary faucet and semi-custom cabinetry are all replaced with new models. Various door styles and sizes are available, semi-custom cabinets can be tailored to meet your needs.

Kitchens with a complete makeover often feature:

  • semi-custom cabinetry
  • a large island  
  • new counters with a large, broad sink and faucet
  • new appliances and a waste disposal
  • Personalized lighting
  • New flooring has been installed.
  • Walls that are newly painted

Luxury Remodeling

Upgrades and custom features are standard among luxury kitchens. Elevated worktops, top-of-the-line appliances, and water filtration systems are a few of the features that can make a kitchen more attractive and functional. In luxury kitchen remodeling, the kitchen’s current layout can also be altered.


  • Furniture decorations and custom cabinetry with made sliding shelves
  • The backsplash of ceramic or glass tile with stone countertops
  • Appliances that are new and incredibly evolved
  • A designer faucet and a water filtering system are included underneath the sink.
  • Under Cabinet lighting, for example, are a new type of ambient and specialty lighting.
  • Installing floor tiles or high-end flooring that looks like hardwood
  • Walls that are newly painted
  • Furniture decorations and custom cabinetry with made sliding shelves
  • The backsplash of ceramic or glass tile with stone countertops
  • Appliances that are new and incredibly evolved
  • A designer faucet and a water filtering system are included underneath the sink.
  • Under Cabinet lighting, for example, are a new type of ambient and specialty lighting.
  • Installing floor tiles or high-end flooring that looks like hardwood
  • Walls that are newly painted


Small Kitchen Remodeling Costs

If you know how to give your small kitchen remodeling a DIY touch, you may be able to extend your budget even further.


Since most people don’t utilize the area in the back of cabinets, you can opt for cabinets that aren’t as tall but better constructed for full accessibility to drive baskets, spice compartments, partitioned drawers, etc. Use short filler cabinetry with sliders to incorporate more space. Minimize the size of a double sink to one to create more working space.


If you would like to add more storage or upgrade your appliances, you should seek the advice of a kitchen remodeler contractor before undertaking any primary task. It is especially critical if you intend to demolish walls. Destroying walls attached to pillars is the last thing you should do. Here’s what you can anticipate for small kitchen remodeling costs:

Cabinet Remodeling

When remodeling your kitchen cabinets, the size of your kitchen and the materials you select can substantially impact the overall small kitchen remodeling cost.


While wood cabinets can be more affordable, a high-end material such as stainless steel can cost more throughout the kitchen remodeling process.


Small kitchen remodeling costCountertop Remodeling

In addition to improving your kitchen, remodeling your countertops can also increase the value of your house. Professionals estimate that remodeling your countertops can increase the value of your property by 30%.


Additionally, real estate agents also suggest staying away from flashy trends. For your small kitchen remodeling, a neutral color of natural stone is aesthetically pleasing and will last for years to come.

Appliances Upgrading

Make sure your new kitchen equipment fits the design of your kitchen before you purchase it for a significant kitchen remodel. 


If you want a bargain, look for discounts that are open-top or on sale.

Backsplash Remodeling

The most common alternative is ceramic tiles, since they are more affordable per square foot installed, whereas stainless steel can be more expensive per square foot installed. The backsplash can be less costly if the same products are used elsewhere in the kitchen.

Floor Remodeling

There’s also the kitchen flooring cost, which can vary depending on the material used and the amount of space covered. Vinyl is a cost-effective option, but it doesn’t add much worth to a house. However, granite and hardwood floors will increase the value of your home at a higher cost. Although wood floors are beautiful, they aren’t advised for use in a kitchen due to their susceptibility to dampness.

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 Small Kitchen Design Costs

It may seem like hiring a kitchen designer is a high cost, but they often work in conjunction with other contractors and can provide you with a discount of up to 20% if you combine your services with them. For a more accurate estimate of the total cost, designers often offer a free consultation.


The cost of designing a kitchen can range from three to ten percent of your total investment. Professionals charge a fair amount to help you achieve your dreams. Although some homeowners choose to engage with trained professionals, you may also decide to pay a flat rate.


Designers can assist you in choosing the ideal products and decorations for your idea and area. As you deal with various vendors and contractors, they may also supply 3D modeling and general support services.

Labor Costs for Kitchen Remodeling

Our experts estimate that installation and labor might account for 30 to 40% of the total small kitchen remodeling cost. Additionally, the final project operating costs are determined by your region, the amenities you choose, and the extent of the project.

Small kitchen remodeling cost

Costs of Plumbing

The plumbing system in older homes may need to be redone entirely due to deteriorating pipes. Plumbing services include sink and faucet installation and additional piping, and they usually account for less than 5% of the actual cost. You will be charged separately for each service if you and your plumber disagree on the upfront price. 


For example, installing a kitchen faucet costs less, while adding a kitchen sink costs more. Installation of new plumbing piping is required if appliances are relocated, adding to your financial burden.

Costs of Electricity and Lighting

If you do need electrical wiring or gas line relocation, you should hire an expert for the job. Electrical work usually accounts for 5% of your total budget.


Most aging homes don’t have enough amps to meet new demands. As a result of upgrading from the previous 60 amps to the more recent 200 amps or more, all new projects will require the installation of a new meter, paneling, and piping which costs much more. You’ll have to account for this expense if you relocate appliances to different areas of the kitchen or replace old lighting where none previously existed. You will almost certainly need new outlets, which will cost more on average.

Costs of Painting

Paint jobs in kitchens cost more than painting in other rooms due to the need to cover cabinets, remove appliances, and replace outlet covers. The walls must be thoroughly prepared and then painted in such a high-traffic area. Prices should vary according to the amount of visible wall surface.

Costs of Permits

Building permits vary greatly. If you relocate walls or replace old electrical wiring, plumbing, or mechanical devices, you need a building permit. Your contractor must keep hold of this for you, as well as any relevant building permits should be submitted and authorized.


 Small kitchen Remodeling Costs According to the Project Scope

Now that you have some small kitchen remodeling cost averages let’s dive a little deeper into the details, depending on the size of the renovation. 

Minor Kitchen Remodeling

A small kitchen can help raise your property’s value with easy, inexpensive improvements. Also, it highlights the most outdated aspects in your kitchen, allowing you to update your house without going broke.

Small kitchen remodeling cost

Where Should You Put Your Money?

  • Maintain the design: Stick to the original plan of your kitchen to save money on electrical, plumbing, and structural work.
  • Cabinet refacing: A mid-scale remodel requires improved cabinets, but you don’t have to replace everything if your existing cabinets are in decent condition. For example, you can refinish the new cabinets with doors, fronts, and hardware to save thousands of dollars.

Where Should You Spend the Cash?

  • Choosing high-quality countertops: When purchasing high-quality countertops, go for a solid shade or a pattern similar to marble instead of choosing cheap, gritty granite.

Setting up a kitchen island involves several factors, including the cost.

  • Establish a kitchen island: A kitchen island’s cost varies according to various factors.

Major Kitchen Remodeling

A major kitchen renovation can give your home an advantage over its competitors in a competitive market. Moreover, fundamental changes such as relocating walls, reorganizing designs, and changing electrical connections and plumbing are all parts of this remodeling. 

Small kitchen remodeling cost

Where Should You Put Your Money?

  • High-quality material combined with affordable alternatives: The best designs combine high-end materials with inexpensive ones. Faucets, accessories, and lighting fixtures are all available at reduced prices. Furthermore, purchasers are attracted to high-quality cabinetry and countertops.

Where Should You Spend the Cash?

  • Adapt your layout: You can update your home’s layout by connecting the kitchen and living room. Aside from that, removing a non-load-bearing wall is relatively inexpensive.
  • Install a walk-in pantry: Walk-in pantries are pretty popular with home buyers. There is no need to construct a new room for a walk-in pantry.

Upscale Kitchen Remodeling

  • With top-of-the-line appliances and a worthy layout, an upscale kitchen offers practicality and productivity. An upmarket kitchen may bring you more joy as a homeowner than a good return on investment when you decide to sell.
  • Where Should You Put Your Money?

  • Enrich the space with low-cost lighting: Adding low-cost lighting can provide personality to a kitchen island. Moreover, light up underneath the cabinets with hidden LED tape lights. Lighting and cabinet hardware are two areas where you can save money.

Where Should You Spend the Cash?

Upgrade your appliances: You can purchase a top-of-the-line fridge for your kitchen. 

  • Install sturdy countertops: stainless steel countertops are a great addition to your home.
  • Create a practical plan: Remember that design is critical, so plan to spend a lot of money on bespoke cabinets.

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How to Hire the Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Here are some steps you can take to make sure you hire the correct people for your remodeling.

  1. Arrange in-house estimation methods from at least three qualified contractors in your region.
  2. Check to see if the contractors are registered and regulated.
  3. Ensure you have a thorough contract in place that outlines the job’s timeline, detailed costs, and who is responsible for purchasing materials, among other things.
  4. Request the pro’s examples and contact at least two of them to confirm that he did excellent work.
  5. Begin your renovation after the holidays and before the summer. Most contractors will be looking for contracts at this time and may be able to give you a significant discount.
  6. DO NOT PAY A GREAT DEAL UPFRONT BEFORE THE START OF THE JOB. It’s acceptable to spend between 15-20% of the entire planned cost on materials.

If you are purchasing materials yourself, you should budget for a 10% down payment to begin the project.

ROI in Small Kitchen Remodelings

Because you’re planning for a small kitchen remodeling, you should be able to repay at least 80% of your renovation costs.

A small, budget-friendly kitchen remodel has proven to have a 20% greater return on investment than a big, fancy kitchen that costs tens of thousands of dollars.

For example, a small kitchen remodeling for about $18,000 can boost the value of your property by about $16,150.

Still, your return on investment is influenced by your region, the amount home buyers are prepared to offer, and lending institutions’ readiness to go above and beyond their worth estimates.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you can’t just jump from one project to the next. Assuming you’re not going to modify the room’s design, what brand of cabinets, appliances, and other items you’ll use, and how you’ll spend 99 percent of your money should all be decided in the preparation phase.

So bide your time, pick your contractor carefully, and ensure everything is in order before you begin the job. As a result, this way will guarantee a successful small kitchen remodeling cost and be fully satisfied with the results.

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