How to Reap the Benefits of Your Living Room Renovation in 2022: 12 Brilliant Ideas

Renovation of your living room can be a lot of fun, but it can also be daunting. What should you start with? What is the budget? How can you know if that contractor with a good resume turns up when he says he will? Imagine that the couch you enjoyed so much in the storefront turned out to be a bordello in your living room? Relax, we can handle it. We’ve modelled our living room remodeling process on a three-stage approach that sets your expectations, tastes, and budget.

No matter how large the renovation or how simple the DIY repair might be, you’ll appreciate your newly remodeled living room that will pay off financially (ROI) when it comes time to sell. These living room redesign ideas will undoubtedly benefit once it comes to resale value.

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 12 Brilliant Ideas for the Living Room Renovation

Having a crowded and cramped living room isn’t what you want to do. It can’t be more significant than it seems unless you trick the eyes. It is simply a well-designed technique, not magic. You are about to turn your tiny living room into a stylish, relaxing retreat for you and your family if you save all these ideas.

  • Organize and Analyze

If you are tackling fundamental improvements, dealing with a large staff of specialists, or managing a considerable budget, planning, expertise, and research are critical elements of a superb makeover. Preparing ahead of time will eliminate any remorse when you’ve completed the renovation. Creating a space or undertaking a renovation is an adventure. Though time and patience are necessary to attain the result, it’s worth it in the end. You must also decide where you want to go and how you will get there.

  • Look at How You Live

Think about how you and your family will utilize the room. Is it going to be a party area? How about a romantic dinner together? How large or how many seating areas will it have?

Consider the long term, including the current period of your life and the future. Suppose you’re thinking about having children shortly. The factor that into your plans so that you don’t have to redo your entire home. Ask others who already have kids what they do to make their living rooms come alive, what they wish they had in the living rooms, and what has generated safety concerns or been damaged so frequently that it needs to be tossed out.


On the other hand, if you are a senior (or have elderly parents), make sure your room is designed so that you and your guests can stay relaxed and secure as the years go by.

  • Obtain Expert Advice

After you have a clear picture of what your new living room should accomplish, explore trade association websites such as ASID (American Society of Interior Designers), NARI (National Association for Remodeling Industries), and NAHB (National Association of Home Builders).

To obtain more authoritative information.

  • Make Use of People-powered Poll

Also, try to talk to real people. Consult your friends and neighbours for recommendations of contractors, and ask them if anyone nearby has an offer you should avoid. Get an idea of what other people wish they had included in their home renovations and what they did not think was worthwhile.


  • Enlarge Your Living Room

The common practice in the past had been to keep living rooms small and cramped to save energy. However, the rise of mid-century modern interior trends coupled with home buyers’ desire for more space has created a demand for larger living rooms than ever before.

It’s possible to gain access to that space by removing an interior non-load-bearing wall. While this is a nasty job, it is not overly complicated and can be completed by a dedicated homeowner. It needs to be a non-load-bearing wall, and you need to get all necessary permissions.

Broken plan homes are an alternative to open plans, providing niches for privacy while maintaining an overall open sense of space. You can designate these subspaces with half-walls, glass walls, pillars, columns, or non-permanent furniture pieces like bookcases.


  • Make a Big Difference by Upgrading the Front Entry Door

Are you looking for a home improvement project that does two jobs at once? If your living room faces the front of your house, installing or updating a new front door might offer so many benefits for so little money and time.

An upgraded front door improves the exterior curb appeal of your home while brightening your front living space at the same time.

In Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs Value Report, a new entry door offers a higher return on investment than nearly every other home improvement. The meagre cost of the door results in a significant return on investment.

Comparing the costs and value of 22 remodeling projects across 150 U.S. markets.

  • Improve Your Home’s Lighting with New windows

A brightly lit living space creates a feeling of comfort.

Modern windows return 70 to 75 per cent of their initial investment if you replace your old ones with new ones. If your living room windows are old, cramped, and inefficient at transmitting light, replace them with new ones for a fresh start.

Additionally, you can save energy and resources by installing new weather tight windows.

This mid-century modern-inspired living room with large windows allows for the maximum amount of natural light to enter.


  • Make the Right Color Choice

It’s as essential in the living room as it is anywhere else in the house. Think about it: the living room is where people relax, watch movies, read, and drink wine. Considering all the different factors, you should choose a suitable colour scheme.

Due to the low cost of paint and tools, interior painting is usually one of those projects with a clear return on investment. Because of the increase in buyer appeal, you’re almost certainly going to see significant increases in sales.

The colour scheme for the living room should, however, appeal to the majority of buyers. White, grey, beige, and other neutral colours are the colours most people like. Potential buyers will be drawn to browns, golds, and earth tones, which expand the colour range of the living room, creating a feeling of ancient importance, while lighter blues give sellers an idea of a beach vacation.

  • Remodel Your Living Room Furniture

Furniture refinishing not only comes at a lower cost than buying new, but it is more environmentally friendly as well. However, affordable investment in recovery is only warranted if the frame is sufficiently sturdy. When in doubt, a loose cushion cover is a good option. Mask damaged or stained upholstery with a printed surface to give it an updated look. Paint will revitalize old furniture as well. It’s not a bad idea to paint your historical furniture as well; it can always be lightly sanded afterwards.


  • Decorate Your Living Room

The easiest, fastest way to update your living room is to change out the pillows seasonally. In the summer, pair them with cotton covers, and in the winter, pair them with warm fuzzy blankets. You can still update your living space with a rug to add some new intricate designs. While not as affordable as a wool carpet, you can still change it to a linen or jute rug.

  • Pay Attention to the Lighting.

In decorating, lighting is an essential factor that is often overlooked. When selected well, lighting can instantly elevate an atmosphere and add ambience to a space. To give your room a well-polished look, replace an essential light fitting with a chandelier or pendant. Adding a new light fixture to a room can give it a professionally finished look, such as a chandelier or pendant fixture. Picture lights can spread light on an artwork or gallery wall. Consider shades you can change depending on the season for a dynamic living area.

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  • Make a Fake Extra Room

In addition to knocking down walls to increase living room space, you can use basic tricks to make your living space appear bigger while staying within your budget. Create an extra artificial room to save money and make it more attractive to prospective buyers.

  • Ceiling:

A white top will prevent the room from feeling cramped.

  • The Rug:

Buy a carpet with a large area of bare floor space between the borders and the walls to not overwhelm your room.

  • Shelves:

Placing shelves near the ceiling will draw the eye upward, creating a sense of height.

  • Storage:

Building a wall-to-wall storage facility or purchasing one.

The use of storage facilities that hug your walls will enhance the appearance of any space and make it seem more significant.

  • Statement piece:

If a statement piece like a chandelier is large, colourful, or otherwise incredible, it catches the eye and makes the room seem more significant.

In Bottom Line

Finally, dark ceilings, heavy furnishings, and a cluttered floor plan used in the past make this living room appear smaller than it was. Soft colours, statement lighting, and a large, colourful rug completely change and enlarge the space. Throughout this post, we explored all of the steps you should consider to renovate your living room. Share here if we left anything out.



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