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Best 2 Modern Kitchen Floor Ideas That Add A Touch Of Style: Pattern And Texture

In search of the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality, modern kitchen floor ideas are gradually moving away from the straightforward practicality of the kitchen floor.

There are as many modern kitchen floor ideas as houses and residents. From lavish granite to country hardwood, a farmhouse floor is perfect for the single aesthetic, while tile is the most excellent and most affordable option for families. It is of the utmost importance to have the right modern kitchen floor ideas, whether made of wooden, stone, marble, or tiles. The current family expects total control over their kitchen, from floor to ceiling, whether it is made of wood, stone, marble, or tiles. 

Devina Home Design professionals do their best to provide you with a kitchen that is the center of most of your cherished experiences, both daily and on special occasions. The kitchen’s hallmark ideals are to feed your loved ones, welcome your friends, and spend time with friends. Explore two of the best modern kitchen floor ideas in the article below if your kitchen is a favourite spot for people to interact.

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Recent years have seen a significant boom in patterned floors. It all began in the kitchen, of course! Sadly, when people say the word “pattern” or the terrible word “parquet” (which, by the way, merely indicates pattern), most think of the hideously out-of-date 1970s parquet wood flooring.

This year, you’ll see modernized, trendy parquet patterns in the kitchen and throughout the house. Streamline, elegant, modern designs are the rage. The popularity of introducing patterns to the floor has resurfaced, including chevron and herringbone patterns, only with the rise of modern and hybrid kitchen cabinet designs.

Chevron and Herringbone Kitchen Flooring

Some individuals confuse chevron and herringbone patterns. Let’s dispel that misunderstanding. They are comparable, yet they are not identical.  Herringbone pattern floors also produce a trendy zig-zag design by joining two planks at a right angle. It gives your floor a distinctive look and is easy to install, so it’s a hot style among homeowners.

The Chevron flooring is slanted and meets up at a peak. The planks of these floors are slanted and join together to create an arrow shape. Many goods come with pre-installed designs, so you won’t have to go through all that trouble throughout the installation. It is appreciated when you can use a hack without anyone noticing. They’ll be enamoured with your gleaming floor without understanding how simple it was to create.

PRO TIP: Are chevron and herringbone kitchen floors likely to remain popular through 2022 and beyond?

While this style isn’t going to last forever, it is undoubtedly attractive for the time being. It is likely to remain the most popular item in the kitchen for a long time.

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Modern kitchen floor

Modern Kitchen Floor Ideas with Hexagon Tile

Tiles shaped like hexagons originally became popular in the mid-twentieth century, usually paired with subway wall tiles. Subway tile floors have an excellent retro feel to them. They began as tinier, busier-looking tiles, but as their dimensions became more prominent, they became more appealing.

You will find ultra-modern, almost futuristic styles in the latest generation of contemporary hexagon kitchen floor tiles. Think of super-sharp lines, black, white, and gray colours, as well as a highly minimalist aesthetic and metallics!

PRO TIP: Is the kitchen flooring with hexagon tile fad going to stick around in 2022 and beyond?

Generally speaking, hexagon tile kitchen floors will remain popular over the next decade. More oversized tiles and planks will remain popular, on the other hand. It is a more specialized industry.

Modern Kitchen Floor Ideas with a Trickling Pattern

Most likely, you’ve seen this modern kitchen floor idea on Pinterest. The newest trend involves trickling floor changes for excellent purposes. It appears to be fantastic!

Trickling flooring combines two contrasting flooring styles (such as tile and planks) in an organic way rather than in a linear manner. This pattern is most commonly found in hexagons, but any tile can be used to enhance a unique design in other areas of your home as you move from the kitchen to the living room.

PRO TIP: How popular will trickling floors be after 2022?

The trickling floor style isn’t for everyone, but it adds a distinctive modern update to any room. It is evident, the trickling floor style will continue to gain popularity in the future, but it won’t replace traditional flooring.


 Modern Kitchen Floor with Checkers

Over the past few years, black-and-white antique flooring has been increasingly fashionable, returning the traditional black-and-white checkered kitchen floor into style. Checkered kitchen floors will be extremely popular in 2022. Everything from this era makes a comeback, such as retro colour highlights and a charming, homey aesthetic.

The retro design is a great way to transform a small kitchen. Back then, most kitchens were half as big as today, and the design fits flawlessly in the small, intimate space.  Frankly, a significant open floor layout would not function effectively.

PRO TIP: Will checkered kitchen flooring remain popular in 2022 and beyond?

At the very least, this will become one of the hottest aesthetics among millennials in the coming years.

 Modern Kitchen Flooring with Patchwork Tiles

Patchwork tiles are a fresh take on the mosaic craze that’s a lot of excitement. With the convenience of a combined layout, you may experience distinctive, detailed designs.

Modern-day preoccupation with originality in style has spawned the patchwork tile fad. Who needs a perfectly immaculate floor when you can enjoy the charm of a vibrant patchwork?

It results in a crowded floor. Therefore, we suggest using neutral tones and clean patterns throughout the rest of your kitchen. Patchwork tiles let your floor speak for itself.

PRO TIP: In 2022 and beyond, will patchwork tile kitchen flooring remain popular?

People’s preferences will change over time, and this design will become more popular among newer homeowners.

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Modern Kitchen Flooring with Large Plank

You can anticipate seeing this style every year in new designs throughout the near future. Your kitchen will appear more extensive, more spacious, and less cluttered with longer, broader planks. 

Small, thin planks are definitely out of style at the moment. Using smaller boards could drastically reduce the value of your home, as well as look less attractive.

It appears that we will reach a point where enough is enough, and these best-of-traditional dimensions will be maintained. I advise you to check out the big plank craze as well!

PRO TIP: Will broad plank kitchen flooring continue to be popular in 2022 and beyond?

Planks are becoming increasingly more expansive and more prominent in size among producers. This style will undoubtedly stand the test of time and remain a timeless standard soon.

Modern kitchen floor

Modern Kitchen Tile Flooring in a Large Format

Rather than the small subway tiles of years past, you will see more extra-large tiles this year. The production of large tiles has increased over the years, with producers producing increasingly large tiles.

Do you have any idea why they’re so prevalent? The larger tiles in your kitchen, especially those with bright colors, appear more significant. The wider tiles also mean fewer grout marks, which is annoyable throughout the house, particularly in the kitchen.

Washing tile is only made challenging by the grouting. Grout colours more quickly than tile, and getting to and cleaning it inside is more difficult because it is a bit back from the tile.

PRO TIP: In 2022 and beyond, will wide-format tile kitchen flooring remain popular?

No doubt! Wide planks and large format tiles will remain popular in the kitchen and house.

Modern Kitchen Floor Texture Style in 2022

You’ll see more distressing aesthetics in the kitchen this year, as well as hand-scraped and wire-brushed wood finishes. Kitchen flooring with a wide range of colors and textures is hot! More and more kitchen flooring is now available with hand scraped planks

Modern Kitchen Floor Ideas with hand-scraped wood (and wood-look)

Hand-scraped wood (and wood-look) are both timeless and pricey. They are ideal for traditional kitchens that have a lot of character. They also create an excellent background for modern kitchen designs.

Hand-scraped floors are generally considered more valuable than regular floors since they appear to be fully polished. They are not only popular with younger families, but also with older ones.

The truth is, all wood floors – conventional, engineered, laminate, vinyl, and tile – have the look of hand-scraped wood. And, to be honest, they’re all in! Every floor has its own set of benefits, so it’s really up to you to decide how you want to decorate.

PRO TIP: Do you think the craze for hand-scraped kitchen flooring will last beyond 2022?

This one-of-a-kind, the handcrafted style will withstand the staying power. It appears to be costly, and consumers adore pricey items.


Modern kitchen floor

Modern Kitchen Flooring with Wire Brushed Wood Texture

The style of brushed wire flooring is popular among homeowners. This fashionable design adds personality to your floor without making it appear unfinished. A wire brushed floor is also easy to clean. It effectively conceals filth, reducing the frequency with which you should clean your floors. The ease of maintaining your feet is a crucial marketing factor. It is particularly true in the kitchen.

Wire brushed floors were the most popular textured flooring style in 2020. However, likely, hand-scraped and distressed looks will easily surpass them in the future. Wire brushed floors can be stylish, but if a tendency for deformity and personality persists, distressed and hand-scraped wood will likely offer more diversity and nature.

PRO TIP: In 2022 and beyond, will wire-brushed kitchens to remain popular?

Although wire-brushed aesthetics will remain forever throughout the house, they will always find a position in the kitchen. Particularly considering their capacity to conceal filth.

Modern kitchen floor

Modern Kitchen Floor with Distressed Wood

However, you might consider a hand-scraped option if you want a consistent floor throughout your home. Damaged floors are brimming with personality, and it’s no surprise that people adore them!

To give your floor individuality and make it appear aged, distressed floor textures employ deliberate scratches, knotholes, and even flames. When a floor appears almost ancient, the atmosphere is instantly envious. Distressed flooring naturally compliments brick walls, fireplaces, piled stone, rustic kitchens, and pretty much any other current interior decorating style.

PRO TIP: Is the distressed kitchen flooring style going to stick around in 2022 and beyond?

Distressed aesthetics will remain trendy, especially among younger people. However, the trend won’t take off as quickly as hand-scraped or wire-brushed styles. The hand-scraped type would be preferable if you look for long-term resale value.

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Modern kitchen floor

The Bottom Line

Is there anything we’ve overlooked? Feel free to comment.

Modern kitchen floor ideas are getting a lot of attention. Several creative, diverse methods are currently fashionable and likely to stay so for many years to come. If you want to get started with fresh modern kitchen flooring ideas, you should certainly enlist the help of Devina Home Design experts.


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