How to Make Oak Kitchen Cabinets Look Modern in 2023?

Having oak kitchen cabinets that you want to modernize? Great! Everyone wants to add a splash of style and trend to their house, but, unfortunately, many of us need more time to do all the painting and replacement. What if we tell you how to modernize oak cabinets without hard work? You heard it right, and this is what we are here

If you want to update your kitchen but do not want to invest much time and finance in it, this post is for you. Stay with us and discover ways to makeover your oak kitchen cabinets.

How to Make Oak Kitchen Cabinets Look Modern?


Usually, people who want to remodel and makeover their kitchen often paint and repaint their cabinets. However, there are multiple ways to do it. Below, we have discussed some easy ways to add a modern look to your traditional oak cabinets.

Keep the Cabinets Clean

How to make oak kitchen cabinets look modern without paint? Keep them clean and simple. Kitchen walls and cabinets accumulate a lot of grease and grime, thanks to all the cooking. Cleaning them regularly will keep them as good as new.

To clean them, spray some kitchen cleaner and wipe them with a wet towel. You’re done!

Ditch the Traditional Honey Color

Instead of using the usual honey color, adding a stained finish is the best way to update oak cabinets. It will add a beautiful color quality while retaining the natural wood look.

A darker color will allow you to incorporate a different look into your kitchen. To modernize the look, you can add a sheen or matte finish to the cabinets.

Take a Break From Ornamented Design

Loud and detailed ornamentation on the doors is the trademark of the traditional oak cabinets. A simple solution is to choose a simple, flat door style for your cabinets.

This will make the entire design consistent and easy on the eyes. Besides, the slab doors will make the real wood stand out.

Change Cabinet and Faucet Hardware

Sometimes all you need is to change the cabinet and faucet hardware. Instead of bulky handles and sinks, go for something light and simple. To add more consistency, choose a simple white or black color for both the handles and faucets.

You can also use push hinges or lip or underpull handles and ditch the cabinet handles altogether.

Use the Surrounding to Emphasize the Oak Cabinets

How to make oak cabinets look modern? Instead of hiding them, use the surrounding area and pieces to highlight them. This could be achieved by choosing a simple countertop in white or any other neutral color. This will accentuate the oak hardware.

Besides, you can also have a two-tone kitchen with both the upper and lower wall cabinets in different colors. To achieve the look, paint the upper cabinets white and have a stained finish for the lower cabinets.

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How to Make Oak Cabinets Look Modern

How To Make Oak Kitchen Cabinets Look Modern (without painting)