Modern Black Kitchen Cabinets
How to Choose the Best Modern Black Kitchen Cabinets in 2023?

A little black in everything adds glamour to the overall appeal of your house. May it be your wardrobe, paintings, bed, entertainment center, carpets, dining furniture, couch, etc.

So, why not consider adding this color to your kitchen as well? If you think there isn’t a space to add vibrant black-colored renovations to your kitchen, then think again!

Imagine having modern black kitchen cabinets installed around that space. It ought to complement the design of your cooking space and enhance the aesthetic quotient.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the kitchen cabinets yet. You can always get them installed. And when you do, you want to try out what modern black kitchen cabinets look like.

Cabinets take up the maximum visibility of your kitchen. So, if you decided about black as your color, there are other considerations you shouldn’t miss out on.

This article will give you insight into how to choose the best modern black kitchen cabinets.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Black Kitchen Cabinets


Let’s get into what you should consider while choosing the black modern kitchen cabinets:

1. Pick the Right Shade of Black

When you go through a professional’s design collection or head out to a store, you will realize not all black paints look the same.

If you want the best shade for your kitchen cabinets, you must be careful about picking the right tone. The shade of black you choose should match the style and mood of your kitchen space.

If you want a soft black tone, go for a smokey shade that looks similar to graphite or deep charcoal. Such a black tone is not too harsh to the eyes and will send a calming and relaxing feel around the kitchen.

But, if you want a darker shade, believing it would go well with the overall decor of the kitchen space, then go for a cool black or pure black shade. You can also go for black with a slight hint of blue, which will enhance the appeal statement.

2. Keep in Mind the Finish of Your Cabinet

The finishing of your cabinet, whether glossy or matte, will also affect the look of the black shade. This is a concern only if you already have a cabinet you want to re-paint and bring back to life.

A glossy finish on your cabinet will make the black shade shine and make it the room’s focal point. On the other hand, a matte finish will add a dull appeal to the black shade, which looks aesthetic in itself. Either way, it is a win-win choice.

But, if you are installing a completely new set of black modern kitchen cabinets, then take the liberty of choosing between matte and glossy finish. Check the black paint samples on both of these finishes to decide what would go well with your kitchen.

3. Consider the Color Tone of Adjoining Rooms to the Kitchen

If your kitchen opens up to a very brightly colored adjoining room, such as a living or dining room, then you should prefer a lighter tone of black shade. It is to complement the overall tone of the house.

But, if you have a bold and dark-colored design throughout the house, then an intense black shade on the cabinets won’t hurt the appeal of your house.

4. Balance the Look with Complementing Counters and Backsplash Tiles

When you are done picking the right shade for your old or new kitchen cabinet, pair it up with other design elements.

The end purpose is to make your kitchen look outstanding, right? So, it is better to have kitchen countertops and backsplash tiles that go well with modern black cabinets.

You can go with dark-colored natural stone countertops as the top preference. But you can also opt for concrete tops to add a fine look.

Want to mix things up? Then you can also contrast the black cabinets with white marble counters. Both of the kitchen entities will have their visual impact.

Following that, getting a solid-colored set of backsplash tiles with minimalistic patterns will help you enhance the look of the cabinets.

5. Get Contrasting Cabinet Hardware

The handles/pulls, hinges, and keyholes can be of silver-metallic shade to contrast with the black appeal of your cabinets. You can also consider having acrylic wooden handles to attain a dramatic visual impact.

If you want to exaggerate the charm, request the professionals for aesthetically engraved or shaped handles and pulls.

Parting Words

If you are in California and have plans on installing the best modern black kitchen cabinets, or replacing the old ones with them, then Devina Home Design Center is at your service.

But before that, you must make up your mind about these factors. We are open to your suggestions. Don’t worry if you find it confusing enough to decide what suits your kitchen the best, our kitchen design experts will help you.

Connect with us today, and we can discuss getting you the new black cabinets and a complete kitchen renovation.