how to renovate kitchen cabinets
5 Tips on how to renovate kitchen cabinets in Orange County:

Does your kitchen seem old and worn out? Thinking about how to renovate inside kitchen cabinets? The kitchen is the primary focus of any home improvement project. Massive Devina Home projects are possible, particularly when structural alterations are required. Orange County is home to various excellent local contractors focusing on kitchen renovations.

You may have the kitchen of your dreams with some thoughtful preparation, a reasonable budget, and the excellent advice of a qualified professional. Check out these five expert pieces of advice for your Orange County kitchen renovation to get started on the right foot, then consult with one of our fantastic designers for assistance putting into perfecting the ideal makeover.

1. How to save money while renovating your kitchen:

The best thing when doing kitchen remodeling, mainly when working with a limited budget, is that the construction can usually be done in stages rather than all at once. You may also run the “high/low” game with your remodeling costs by going all out on certain parts while saving significantly on others.

Do you need to consider how much does it cost to renovate kitchen cabinets? You can save a lot of money by implementing some of my top kitchen renovations helpful hints:

The countertop should be the only part of the kitchen to be updated. Instead of laminating, I recommend using stone or quartz because of its superior aesthetics and longevity.

Examine the market for various cabinet options. In this category, you may either spend a lot of money or save a lot of money. The market is flooded with high-quality, low-priced options these days.

Invest in high-quality kitchen appliances. The costliest option is not always the best bet; instead, look at ratings and reviews from actual customers.

Try new things when looking for tiles. Here is a chance to combine luxurious and humble elements. You might, for instance, use a more costly tile for the border or an accent, in addition to a more economical subway tile.

2. Analyze the space of your kitchen:

Many complain that their brand-new kitchens aren’t big enough to accommodate all of their appliances. Take accurate measurements of your kitchen to get an idea of your space. Your height should factor into considerations like counter height. Some folks eat out almost exclusively, while others prepare their meals every night. Check whether adding new kitchen furnishings and appliances will make the space too cramped.

3. Remember to include lighting:

A perfect kitchen has no harsh lights or dark corners. It’s possible to combine many lighting layers and different types of lamps. The best choice for general illumination is concealed ceiling lighting. Island and dining room spaces benefit from pendant and chandelier lighting.

Under-cabinet task lights or fixtures with diffusers or frosted glass are great options for kitchens. You should put a switch for each light source at the entrance. In addition, many people choose to install dimmers in their homes.

4. It’s better to reface than replace:

What’s the condition of your cupboards? Okay, so they’re not pretty, but that’s something we can change. Our design team may sand your existing cabinets, resurface, stain, or paint to give your kitchen a fresh new look. They’ll also have a unique appearance after getting some updated equipment.

5. Now it’s high time to search for the contractor:

Once you have a kitchen layout in mind, it’s time to start looking for a contractor to help you bring your vision to life. A kitchen display or a large box store’s recommendation of a contractor might be another cost-effective choice.It’s recommended to get quotations from at least three different contractors before deciding and remember that the lowest bidder isn’t always the best option. When planning, you’re remodeling; it’s essential to focus on how the contractor will handle the construction at each stage.


Remodeling a kitchen should be a fun experience. Consequently, the process might be stressful for individuals who aren’t prepared. In any case, I hope you found the following list helpful. Having this data at your fingertips will help you tackle your next remodeling project with more assurance and a focus on the correct areas.

If you are looking for kitchen cabinet renovations near me in California, get in touch with Devina Home if you’re having trouble. When you let us handle the cooking in your home, we’ll take care of everything from beginning to conclusion. Accept the best choice, in your opinion.