how to decorate staircase wall
How to Decorate Staircase Wall in Orange County?

If you have a spacious house with multiple stories, leaving the staircase wall isis a good option. Well, there are a lot of ideas or considerations that you can apply to the wall area to make the overall look of the house brilliant.

We have seen many home décor forums where most questions were about how to decorate –staircase wall? How to decorate stair wall? How to décor for staircase wall? So today, we have come up with this article where you will get all the details in one place.

How to decorate staircase wall?

Decorating stairway walls can be tricky as people need help randomly performing them. However, you can make everything possible for yourself with the right ideas. We have curated some of the best ideas for you in the below sections. You can read all of them and decide the one that would look better with your staircase wall.

Use of sculptures

Sculptures are the best objects that provide a sense of luxuriousness to any area where it’s placed or hung. When it comes to the staircase wall, using the sculpture objects can make a difference in the wall look unique and beautiful. While using sculptures, making it look more beautiful is by deciding the relative background coloring onto the wall. If you are hanging sculpture paintings, keep the background color simple to get a vibrant look.

Use wallpapers

In the market, you would get a variety of wallpapers printing service providers who can print as larger wallpaper as possible for you. These wallpapers would bring a fantastic look and satisfaction to the staircase wall. So, you can consider various designs from the internet or create one yourself and then print a wallpaper of the same design to use on the staircase wall.

Use of Artwork along with Mirror

Multiplying the view of the Staircase wall can be a good option to bring a pleasant view. Well, you can use a mirror and art worth for that, where all the artwork selection could be based on your choices. Meanwhile, you can use the carpets related to the artwork to support the entire view.

Textured walls

The idea of textured walls on the staircase wall can be a better option, too, for those who are less interested in hanging the artwork onto the wall. The textured walls can bring a luxurious look to the whole staircase wall area, even with simplicity.

Large piece of art

If you don’t find anything as good for the staircase wall, then you can also consider a large piece of art in the Wall area. It could be like any artwork that you love the most. You can consider it in a larger size. Depending on the artwork, you can consider the same color on the wall where you will hang the artwork. It will make the staircase wall area full, bringing back a unique appearance for you whenever you walk through or someone who comes to your home and sees it.


Who says that your staircase must be boring, rectangular, and dull? With these simple and easy tips on how to decorate staircase wall, you can make it match with the rest of the house. There are plenty of ways to decorate the staircase wall. It all depends on your preferences and imagination. Visit our website for a free consultation today!