When remodeling a kitchen what comes first?

Do you want to boost the value of your home? Kitchen remodeling is an easy way to increase the aesthetic appeal of your house. If you are interested in DIY remodeling, do your research to avoid potential issues. It is always good to call professional services because you cannot manage everything.

Remodeling requires you to focus on pre-construction phases, including hiring contractors and designers. Experts will help you understand this procedure and schedule your activities. Here are some important things to consider when remodeling a kitchen.

remodeling a kitchen

Demolish Outdated Structure

Before creating an attractive space, you must demolish your kitchen’s worn-out elements. Make sure to rip out everything you do not need, such as cabinetry, fixtures, flooring & walls. Instead of handling this phase yourself, hire licensed contractors.

An experienced team can save you from additional expenses, such as installing new pipes and plumbing—moreover, complete rough-in work, such as plumbing and framing. You have to move frames from walls and plumbing fixtures. Make sure to hire an experienced construction crew to manage this time-consuming task.

remodeling a kitchen

Inspection by Professionals

Now, you must arrange a professional inspection because this process requires calling the county to schedule an appointment. To avoid possible problems, follow all building codes for your area.

If you could not pass a professional inspection, make sure to hire a licensed professional and kitchen remodeler before moving forward. Fortunately, professionals can handle the inspection and fix possible errors.

remodeling a kitchen

Paint Drywalls

After completing the inspection, you can finish walls, such as drywall, and tape and hang them according to the project. It includes drywall necessary for different sections of the kitchen. Add a primer coat to drywalls to seal the facing paper and prevent scrapes and scuffs during the installation of other items.

Accidents are common while moving bulky appliances and cabinetry in the kitchen. Consult kitchen remodel contractors for the painting and installation of new appliances. Once you install those, add some colors to your kitchen.

remodeling a kitchen

Windows and Doors

Now, you are ready to install windows and doors if you have a new structure. It is necessary to make your kitchen more comfortable and decrease your cooling and heating expenses. Properly insulate windows and doors to avoid loss of cold and hot air.

They should have trims to install cabinets because no one wants gaps between cabins properly. Remember, it can be problematic for your renovation timeline.

remodeling a kitchen

Plumbing Fixtures and Kitchen Cabinets

Get ready for the installation of plumbing fixtures and kitchen cabinets. You can install new cabinets and countertops to give a new look to your kitchen. These small changes are necessary during kitchen remodeling to provide a dramatic twist to the overall look of your kitchen.

You are free to choose a new spacious sink, garbage disposal, faucet, etc. Additionally, you can add new appliances, such as a refrigerator, water filtration system, stove, microwave, etc. Make sure to hire a professional to deal with plumbing issues.

remodeling a kitchen

New Flooring

Finally, you are ready to install new flooring of wood or tile. You must choose styles and colors of flooring to match your style and taste. Several options are available in the market, including wood plank, ceramic and vinyl. Feel free to choose the most appealing flooring for your kitchen. Now, you are ready to enjoy a new and improved kitchen.

remodeling a kitchen


There are many options to consider when remodeling a kitchen. Make sure to get help from an experienced construction crew to demolish any outdated structure & hire a kitchen remodeler to inspect and fix possible problems. Painting Drywalls gives a fresh look to your kitchen and kitchen remodel contractors know how to choose the right color for your kitchen.
After dealing with your old structure, add some windows and doors & add trims to prevent gaps between cabinets. Hire a professional to handle plumbing issues and install plumbing fixtures & upper cabinetry. Lastly choose an appealing flooring based on your style.
and that’s it!
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