people sitting near cozy fireplace. (electric fireplace)
Electric Fireplace ideas to turn your room to a cozy retreat

After summer, you must prepare your house for winter and fall. You can add an electric fireplace to your home to make your space warm, comfy, and cozy. Indeed, fireplaces increase the charm of your room because of their sensory appeal.

The smell of fresh wood and crackling flames invoke the pleasure of soothing indoors with a cup of hot coffee or tea. If you want an electric fireplace in your home, here are some ideas to turn your room into a cozy retreat.

Restore Your Fireplace

Glowing fire in a huge stone fireplace. (electric fireplace)

In the first step, you have to decide whether you want to restore an antique fireplace or salvage an old design. Restoration may be a challenging and gratifying procedure, including sourcing and installation. Feel free to do your research and find a unique electric fireplace idea.

You can specify reproduction electric fireplaces to get the freedom of creating something new. However, you can add important details to give a personalized touch to an old fireplace.

Beautiful Shiplap

Modern open spacious living room with shiplap over fireplace. (electric fireplace)

You cannot avoid shiplap in interior designs because it is safe for electric fireplace units. If you want a modern look, feel free to add concrete at the bottom of your fireplace. Moreover, you can try traditional tiles for a beautiful look.

You can add trims to your fireplace for a sleek and modern look or a white shiplap to the fireplace to give a farmhouse look to your living space. Additionally, patterned tile and blue shiplap will provide a lovely touch to your room.

Minimalist Approach

Modern interior living room with fireplace. (electric fireplace)

An electric fireplace insert is a famous room heater that is easy to install and energy-efficient. Fortunately, you can get a wide range of sizes and styles for any room. You will get several user-friendly features with inserts. However, you are free to install them wherever you want.

Numerous people like a minimalist approach to interior design. You are free to choose your favorite style, size, and design to keep things comfortable.

Customary Stone Design

Luxurious open floor cabin interior. (electric fireplace)

If you have an electric fireplace, it does not mean to avoid a stone fireplace. However, you are not burning wood, but you can get electric stone fireplaces. Stones are risk-free, and there is no need to worry about explosive soot build-up.

There will be no harmful emissions, carbon monoxide, and smoke to worry about while using electric fireplaces. You will get warm air to create a cozy atmosphere in your home.

Whitewashed Bricks

Whitewashed bricks and fireplace in a living room. (electric fireplace)

To compliment your electrical fireplace, you could choose a metal ceiling fan, a white shrug, and whitewashed bricks for the ceiling. Your sitting room requires extra light; therefore, carefully choose lights to supplement your space.

Creating a study room or library around your fireplace will be great. A spindle chair with throws and cushions can increase the comfort of your space. Moreover, glass chandeliers will give an instant glamour to your house.

Create a dual-sided California mantel and fireplace to watch flames from your kitchen and living room. Fortunately, electric fireplaces create realistic flame designs, and you can enjoy the heat without emissions and smoke.


An electric fireplace for the winter and fall season is a necessity nowadays. If you have an antique fireplace and want to restore it, do your research first. Don’t underestimate the importance of shiplap as it’s safe for electric fireplace units. Electric fireplace inserts are great for saving energy and having a minimalistic design. Consider going for electric stone fireplaces as you won’t have to worry about harmful emissions and soot build-up. For extra light, consider Installing whitewashed bricks to the ceiling. Dual-sided California mantel and fireplace are also perfect for watching flames from the aside.