4 Top 2023 Ideas for Staircase Remodeling

Staircase remodeling would have many benefits as the staircase is your house spin.  Apart from joining areas and rooms in your house, staircases are the first place guests would see at the entryway. Therefore, they need to be welcoming and functional enough.

In 2023, sustainable and elegant staircase designs have become popular among designers and homeowners. For example, combining modern and classic features with mixing traditional styles and finishes into the staircase design appears to be trendy in 2023.

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As an expert in home remodeling services, Devina Home Design in Orange County and Los Angeles, has listed the most trendy ideas for staircase remodel in 2023 to get you inspired.


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1-Spiral Staircase for Your Next Staircase Remodeling

Spiral Staircase is a unique design that is engineered and designed professionally as closed panels that usually come with the featured railing.

Powder-coated steel or wood panels are excellent materials for this style. This unique idea is one of the favorite designs among architects and contractors in 2023. Besides an elegant look, Spiral, also called Ribbon Staircase, is safe enough for children in houses and public areas.

Curvy Stair Railing

As an excellent stair railing remodel, a curvy rail railing with decorative details is perfect for a Spiral staircase like creating a contemporary look with dark paint coats. To be specific, the ornate and elegant railing gives your house a sense of magnificence.


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2- Cantilever Floating Staircase

Cantilever Floating Staircase is a stylish staircase trend look in 2023. This design can be created with a wide range of natural materials while adding a contemporary twist to your house.

The glass railing gives a beautiful contrast by its strength and bright features.

When it comes to bright, modern aesthetics, glass staircases are the ideal design; apart from aesthetically excellent, they are incredibly strong and safe.

Cantilever Staircase Allows Light To Flow

Many households look for staircase renovation materials to maximize the space in their house. Glass paneling is a beautiful, contemporary way to let natural light flow even into the darkest areas.

3- Open Riser Staircase

Although the first choice for many households is the Cantilever staircase, it may not always be possible, especially when no self-supporting walls are around the staircase. In this case, a considerable solution is a minimalist design called the Open Riser staircase. Open and loose stairs make a light and refreshing look to your modern staircase.

Particularly for small places, the Open Riser Stairs maximize the available space, making it larger, perfect for stylish interior features.

Use Affordable Materials According to Your Budget

For a minimal design, you don’t expect to spend a great deal of money. So, for a reasonable staircase remodel cost, use steel and wood instead of expensive and luxurious items. You can also use both as a trendy staircase design in 2023 to make a stunning contrast.

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Whether you are in Long Beach or other areas in Orange County, you can benefit from Devina Home’s various financing options. With our fantastic options, you will have no difficulty purchasing. Therefore, if you want to find the best financing options for staircase remodeling and renovation in Orange County, we are what you need.

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4- Zig Zag Staircase for Remodeling Your Stairs

The Zig Zag staircase can combine glass, wood, powder-coated and stainless steel at the same time. This design is a popular choice, especially for high-rise buildings or houses with multiple floors.

At Devina Home, we consider your room symmetry as well as the general architecture. Besides professional bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and other home renovation services, we create stairs that blend harmoniously and work well with the overall architecture.


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Choose the Suitable Flooring

The type of flooring you use for staircase remodeling is critical in the final look. You need to choose elegant floors with attractive colors and templates and durable and easy to maintain ones.


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Extra Tips for Stunning Staircase Remodel

  • Alternative To Railings With Potted Plants
  • Feature Wallpaper
  • Maximize Storage Under Your Stairs
  • Create a Staircase Photo Gallery
  • Add a Colour to a Contemporary Staircase
  • Match Your Stair Carpet With The Hallways

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In Conclusion:

In 2023, interior designs like staircase remodeling have become popular, so being aware of stylish ideas to renovate your stairs professionally is necessary.

Based in Orange County and Los Angeles, Devina Home Design provides you with the best remodeling services. With professional designers and workers, we make the impossible possible.

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